From Brass To Balkan Swing!

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Passionately fond of Eastern European, Klezmer and Balkan music, la Fanfare Couche-Tard is a five-member band bubbling with frenetic energy. Incorporating a delicate and spiritual humour in their melodies, these musicians have enthralled crowds in bars and restaurants, on the streets, under a circus tent, during a Bulgarian dance parade, on a balcony and even on a chariot! The Alliance Française de Bangalore will be piloting a six-city tour of this audacious band in New Delhi (April 20), Kolkata (April 22), Pune (April 24), Chennai (April 26), Mumbai (April 28) and Bengaluru (April 30).

La Fanfare Couche-Tard India Tour!

La Fanfare Couche-Tard India Tour!

La Fanfare Couche-Tard consists of Grégory Blaud on the clarinet, Florian Valloo on the saxophone, Nathanaël Bianconi on the accordion, Patrice Komlanz on the sousaphone along with Robin Veyssière on percussions and drums. The band mates have known each other for several years from music school, previous collaborations and summer camps. However, la Fanfare Couche-Tard was born only in July 2009 when they hit the road together over the summer holidays to perform on the streets of Southern France. Heady from this experience, they decided to join forces for good and on their return the band was formed!

La Fanfare Couche-Tard_pic 1_copyright Olivier REB sm

La Fanfare Couche-Tard In Action!

The flamboyant stage work of the band is known to whip the the audience into a rare momentum – making them swing to Balkan rhythms and transporting them to another world. After five years on the road and more than two hundred and fifty performances across France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, la Fanfare Couche-Tard, released a new album « Balkanize Me » which was mixed by Camille Ballon aka Tom Fire (of Java, Flavia Coehlo, Caravane Passe and Mc Solaar fame). You can follow their adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Soundcloud. A video-clip of one of their live sessions is available below:


Asst. Cultural Coordinator, Alliance Française de Bangalore

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Rédacteur/Coordinateur national : Siddharth Bhatt

Rédacteurs, contributeurs : Guillaume, Abhirami, Alexandre, Chintan, Cléa, David, Eleonore, Elie, Kanika, Karine, Nita, Thomas, Malvika, Marie-Joëlle, Meera, Mayuri, Mitushi, Alice, Prutha, Romain, Ritika, Manas, Supriya ...