H(app)y Community at AF Bangalore

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With the staggering development of technology, the global network of Alliances Françaises has incorporated a wide panoply of tools for the purpose of communication and sharing information. The Alliance Française de Bangalore is no different. Along with the traditional arsenal of posters, brochures, flyers and other print media, AF Bangalore now boasts of its own app for smartphones developed in collaboration with Minsh – a Swiss start-up in Bangalore.

The Interface of the app of AF Bangalore

The Interface of the app of AF Bangalore

The development of the app is in tandem with an increasing dematerialisation of content and a burgeoning array of digital tools including social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Alongside this evolution in the realm of communication is the clear presence of a vast target audience on smartphones. Indeed, 66% of all Internet usage in India happens through a smartphone with at least 33% of the population owning at least one such device. Coupled with the fact that almost  54% of the students of AF Bangalore are between 16 and 30 years old and have access to connected devices, the app became a natural progression.

Launched in January 2016, the app can be downloaded here and is available on both Google Play and Apple Store. Although primarily intended for the AF Bangalore community, it is accessible to anyone wants to be kept informed of the events, activities and courses organized by the organisation. The app’s primary interface leads to a schedule which outlines each event, allowing the user to see the relevant details and register. Users are also invited to share their opinions or simply create posts via the “shouts” tab. The principle advantage of this vector is that it can distil information by literally delivering it to the hands of a person through “push” notifications.

Students of AF Bangalore using the app

Students of AF Bangalore using the app

Apart from creating a sense of “community” amongst the users, AF Bangalore also noticed an interesting rise in conversations in French amongst students via the app. Having been launched more than four months ago, the app counts almost 600 active and reactive members today. Although it is too early to deliver a final assessment, it is possible to say that this new interface has been an efficient implementation.

 Excerpts from an article by Mikael de la Fuente (Director,  Alliance Française de Bangalore)

Originally published in Le Fil d’Alliances (Issue Number 39)

Translated by Ambre ARCANGELI (Asst. Cultural Coordinator, Alliance Française de Bangalore)

Edited by Prutha NARKE (Cultural Coordinator, Alliance Française de Bangalore)

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