Focus 2016 – Serious Gaming FLE

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The Institut Français Paris supports a wide network of over 500 French media libraries around the world. These media libraries are located within various Instituts Français, Alliances Françaises and other binational establishments and help in the diffusion of French culture. To support these organisations of the French cultural network abroad, the Institut Français provides – on the acceptance of the proposal by a specific Commission – a support fund dedicated to aiding innovative projects.

The Plan d’Appui aux Médiathèques (PAM) proposes personalised support to the media libraries of the cultural network. It thereby provides backing at every stage of the selected project – from putting expertise in place to supporting the project. Around 50 projects were aided in 2015, focussing largely on the development of digital offerings and the modernisation of spaces. In 2016, the network of Alliances Françaises in India and Nepal obtained a grant of 25,000 Euros – the largest PAM attributed by the IF Paris this year – for the project Serious Gaming FLE India-NepalThe project is being piloted by the Alliance Française de Bombay for the entire network in the subcontinent.

Serious Gaming

Serious Gaming, or the utilisation of video games for teaching, is an increasingly influential development in the field of learning – especially for teaching languages.  Serious Games enable an instructor to achieve authentic pedagogic objectives in a fun and dynamic manner. The rich and detailed universe characteristic of a video game offers a virtual linguistic immersion to learners – something which is otherwise difficult to recreate especially whilst teaching a foreign language.

Commercial Games – developed for actual francophone players and not for people who are learning French – were given preference for this project. These games provide access to a virtual universe which is completely French, thereby promising a more authentic experience with more autonomy and enhanced contact with the language as the game does not differentiate between a native and non-native speaker.  The latest versions of Sims (Sims 3 et Sims 4), a realistic simulation game developed by EA Maxis which proposes several possibilities seemed to best correspond to the needs of the network and was hence chosen.



In terms of the allocation of PAM to the network, a larger sum has been dedicated to training as compared to the material (Flat Screen TVs, Serious Games, Sound System, Playstations, portable video projectors etc.). Two training sessions are envisaged – one for the teachers with a specialist coming from France and another specific training session for the staff of the media libraries of the network (integration of the tools, catalogue of possible activities etc.).

The first training session will bring together 3 specialists and 30 teachers of French from the network of Alliances Françaises in India and Nepal. It is going to be held at the Alliance Française de Panjim from June 15 to June 18, 2016.

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Siddharth BHATT

Rédaction AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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