Dancing Across Cultures

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Céline Pradeu-Kanagasabai

Céline Pradeu-Kanagasabai

The Alliance Française de Bangalore was recently treated to a lecture-demonstration (Conférence Dansée), by dancer and choreographer, Céline Pradeu-Kanagasabai.

Born to a French mother and a Tamilian father, Céline Pradeu has been dancing since the age of 5 and performing professionally since she was 10. She has studied ballet, contemporary dance and Bharatnatyam under Guru Nirupama Nithyanandan in Paris.
On this latest tour of India, Céline performed fragments of her upcoming work in progress, Hybride and also provided the audience with insights into the pieces and anecdotes, all of which made for an entertaining and informative evening.
While attending a Kathakali workshop in Kerala a few years ago, her master told her that it was very important to be true to oneself in dance and in life. Taking these words to heart, she has been staying true to her multi-cultural roots by combining her passion for contemporary dance with her love for Bharatnatyam, to create a whole new dance form.
She began the evening with an excerpt from The Swan Lake and then performed a short Bharatnatyam piece to highlight the differences between the dance styles. After this, she did an interactive session with the audience on mudras and hand gestures in Bharatnatyam, before going on to demonstrate the more contemporary mudras she has created. She then spoke of the various aspects that go into making a show, such as the music, costumes, sets and lighting.
Céline also talked at length about the dedication and discipline required to pursue dance as a career – about how she rehearses up to six hours a day, and the challenges that motherhood brings to her art.
All the music played during the session was composed and performed by Céline’s husband who is a violinist and composer in France. When asked if he had accompanied her on the tour, she laughed and said he was babysitting, but he was very much with her in spirit and through his music.
Céline charmed everyone with her approachable manner and her sense of humour, even taking time after the show to interact with the audience.
Hybride is Céline’s attempt to bring about a marriage between the classical style of Bharatnatyam and the free flowing movements of contemporary dance. It is as yet incomplete, but she very much hopes to perform it in India when it is ready. It is a hope we share.

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