There is more than meet the eye

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The Daly-Ermitage Eye Camp at Indore

Young students of two international schools join hands to organize an eye camp to screen eye defects in a local down market area of Indore.

A few weeks ago, the Malwa Mill area was the centre of a lot of activity. People from Malwa mill area, Musakhedi and Patnipura descended in huge numbers towards the Malwa mill in Indore. Indeed, the local residents were invited to a special eye camp organized by  Ermitage, École Internationale de France, represented by its head, Mme Margaret Peyrard and the Daly College of Indore. 17 students and 4 teachers started the screening early morning on 20th February 2012. They had screened 6000 people in four days, distributed 4900 spectacles and 197 cataract cases were operated upon.

Screening procedure
The screening procedure is fairly simple; after registration, students use vision boards to verify eyesight. They are then sent in another queue to an optometrist who then advises the further course of action. Correction glasses are given free of cost to those who require them. Those advised cataract or other eye-related surgeries are operated upon at the local Choithram Netralaya  a state-of-the-art Comprehensive Eye Care Institute at Indore. The equipment required to conduct the eye camp was in fact provided by the same hospital.

The Daly-Ermitage Eye Camp

The Daly-Ermitage Eye Camp

“A French window indeed”
The Daly College Indore and The Ermitage International School, France have successfully carried out eye camps in Indore for 5 years in a row since 2008. In 2009, around 3000 people were screened for eye ailments. This year the figure has doubled. Physics teachers, ophthalmologists, optometrists and even an NGO, associated with the large Daly fraternity, volunteered to equip the student community service team to set up the camp under the expert guidance of M. Rajesh Santhanam. Likewise at The Ermitage International School in France, students raised funds for the project. They held dance shows and street plays to attract sponsors for this noble cause.
Ridheshwar Singh, a student of class XII at The Daly College and the student leader of the eye camp says that ever since he had participated in another such service in South Africa last July, he had wanted to volunteer for this program too. Cécilia Raymond, 14 years and a student of lycée 2nde at The Ermitage International School says “my sister had volunteered in 2011 for the same service and ever since, she has become a changed person. The eye camp opened the window to a whole new world for her. Her perspective has changed. I too wanted to see with my own eyes, hence I decided to volunteer. It is an eye opener to see such poverty and to be able to do a little bit towards humanity is an enriching experience for me”. Christine Caporal, teacher at The Ermitage International School says hailing from Peru, she understands what it means to serve the community, “One must learn to give others selflessly”.

This meeting of minds and ideologies started way back in Oct 2007 and has today reaped huge dividends. We are talking here about the Round Square Conference held in Oct 2007 at The Daly College, Indore. Mr. Christopher Hunter, then Headmaster of The Ermitage International School, France and Mr. Sumer Singh, principal of The Daly College decided to involve senior school students aged 15-18 years in social causes. The Round Square Conference of Schools is a worldwide association of more than 80 schools that allows students to travel between schools, tour foreign countries, involve themselves in community service and discover cultures along the way.
While in India, The Ermitage International School also conducted a similar eye camp at The Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai.

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