A French bow in India

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The French violinist Frédéric Pelassy will be touring the Alliance Françaises of India, in partnership with Institut Français.

Does music classical music have a nationality? Is Mozart the same for French people as for Indian or Austrian people? Frédéric Pelassy and his tour in India may give us an answer to this question. The French violinist has already traveled a lot through many continents and countries. He has performed in diverse places such as Shanghaï, Kiev and Bogota. He played music of diverse composers such as Bach, Dvořák or Fauré.

Frédéric Pelassy

His repertoire and his “carnet de voyages” and the way he was welcomed everywhere he played have a tendency to prove that classical music transcends nationalities. Though, his renditions do not completely erase a reflection of his French cultural inheritance.

Born in 1972, Frédéric Pelassy learned to play the violin in the National School of Music of Créteil, near Paris. At the age of twelve years he won the Prize d’Excellence of Créteil and the Concours inter-conservatoires of Paris with distinctions. The same year he  graduated to chamber music and harmony. He began receiving his lessons in music in the Parisian region, and completed his studies at the age of twelve. Then he began his professional career by playing in an orchestra the Spanish Symphony of Edouard Lalo. Yehudi Menuhin acknowledged his talent and took him under his tutelage in the International Menuhin Academy, in Gstaad (Switzerland).

He recorded for the first time when he was barely sixteen. Since then he has recorded more than twenty CDs to date, dedicated to composers from Bach to Debussy, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Paganini, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Bruch, Dvoràk, Tchaïkovski, Franck and Fauré. In the last few years, Frédéric Pellasy has performed in more than 50 countries and on the most prestigious stages of Paris, Salzburg, Turin, Kiev, Taipei, Shanghaï, Kyoto, Bogota, Montevideo, Boston or Vancouver. In France and in Germany as well as in the United States, his renditions of Beethoven and Brahms have been unanimously hailed as ‘exemplary’. He reached for the stars just as  Johann Sebastian Bach by being able to “ rise music to celestial spheres” according to the 2010 bulletin of the Neue BachGesellschaft. Of course, he also likes to be an ambassador of French composers, by always dedicating a part of his programmes to them.

Though we are more than 20 years later from his first concert, Frédéric Pelassy is still considered as a “young” violinist just like at the beginning of his carrier, when he was twelve, fifteen, sixteen years old, the “young violinist”, or even the “child prodigy” already faded behind the “musician prodigy”. Nowadays, the press and the public altogether acclaim his talent  and  if he is not anymore a child prodigy, he is still and maybe even more a musical prodigy.

Dates of concerts with the network of Alliances Françaises in India 
28th October, Pune
29th October, Goa, Panjim
31st October, Bangalore
2nd November, Hyderabad
3rd November, Kolkata
6th November, Bhopal
7th November, Jaipur
8th November, Mumbai
9th November, Ahmedabad
10th November, Chennai

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