A magical concert Lo Griyo

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Festival of France

As dusk looms over the Bay of Bengal and lights begin to twinkle like stars on earth, Gandhi Square begins to throb as usual with Joggers, walkers and strollers of all shapes and sizes. A clear sky begins to emerge on coastal Pondicherry. Amidst the regular roar of the crashing waves, the air is ripped with strains of saxophone, clarinet and flute. One can hear musical crescendos gently disturbing the quiet and serenity of an almost perfect evening. A stage is set, lights beaming and short strums of live music distract the regular passerby.

Pondicherry will witness yet again this evening, musical extravaganza that will rock the city. In continuation to the festive spirit of Bonjour India, the Alliance française proudly brings Lo Griyo to the shores of Pondicherry. As the sound check is on – people slowly begin to throng the square, with smiles and excitement in their eyes, eagerly waiting for yet another evening that will delight them. As the clock strikes 7.30 PM – the stage lights up. All eyes turn towards a known personality. A smiling Fabrice Mongiat, Director of Alliance française who makes the inaugural speech and welcomes the band Lo Griyo amidst a thundering applause.

Lo Griyo

Lo Griyo

What is this band? Where do they come from? Almost everyone has these questions in mind. In the next few moments the magic begins – the air is charged with musical vibrations that captivate the heart and soul of all around. Lo Griyo is the name given to a new and creative, musical entity coming from the Reunion. The Island nation has been closely associated with the Alliance Française and has participated in many programs sharing its indigenous culture and heritage and its strong ties with France. Pondicherry being already a fresco of various ethnicities will make the band feel at home as the crowd gathers and the square fills up. The band is led by the astounding multi instrumentalist Sami Pageaux Waro and the versatile talents of Luc Joly, Brice Nauroy and Germain Boulet.

 Lo Griyo creates their music on acoustic instruments (Percussions, Kora, Reeds, Flutes…) and mixes all their sounds through auto-looping and effects such as dub effects, tube screamers, auto-wah, triggers, Bass synths. The band represents a real gateway between tradition and modernity. Their works reflect an obsession of Trance, between Maloya, music from Malagasy, including Gnawa music and music from Mali as well as Jazz, Electro. Lo Griyo, brings you in a journey where ancient rhythms are propelled straight into the future. As time went by – a two thousand strong crowd of people swayed and clapped and expressed their appreciation with every item being played and sung. Vociferous requests for more music were heard as the musicians bowed to a finale. Finally they gave in to the request of the public and the stage lit up again with the spell of Lo Griyo’s magical strums. The crowd stood mesmerized as the last scores were played and  when the artists bowed one last time, the applause received was huge! With the completion of Lo Griyo’s concert , the city witnessed one of the most exciting and dramatic concerts that broke all boundaries, uniting each and everyone with a bond of friendship, joy and celebration. Such is the power of music – transcending all – such is the power of Lo Griyo, winning the hearts of one and all.

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Directeur de publication : Délégation Générale de la Fondation Alliance Française en Inde et au Népal

Rédacteur en chef : Laurent Elisio Bordier

Rédacteur/Coordinateur national : Siddharth Bhatt

Rédacteurs, contributeurs : Guillaume, Abhirami, Alexandre, Chintan, Cléa, David, Eleonore, Elie, Kanika, Karine, Nita, Thomas, Malvika, Marie-Joëlle, Meera, Mayuri, Mitushi, Alice, Prutha, Romain, Ritika, Manas, Supriya ...