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Festival of France

On the backdrop of Bonjour India festival, the creator duo N+N Corsino is presenting an innovative project which intersects contemporary dance, digital creation and graphic novels. The Afmagazine interviewed these unconventional artists from Marseille, France.

How do you describe yourself? Visual artists, choreographers or something even different…..?
What justifies our artistic choices and creative concepts is the fact of us being choreographers and researchers.  We like to experiment with the space that any dance show can offer in addition to the study of the bodies in motion other than those presented in the theatrical scenes. The choreography is based not only on the physic of the dancer but also on the architecture, the landscapes and the scenography of the proposed site of action. The research and collaborations with various laboratories like IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique – French institute of research for science about music and sound) and INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) bring us to discover the unexplored territories of digital innovation; but what always drives us is the poetic approach.

N+N Corsino - Bangalore fictions

N+N Corsino - Bangalore fictions

What was the origin/genesis of this project Bangalore Fictions?
The orbits of our projects usually find their origins in literature, literary movements or the atlas. We had been thinking for long of creating an Indo-French project based on sharing some artistic yet technological topic. Naturally, the choice of setting out a graphic novel was made. An interactive graphic novel where the text, dance, calligraphy and music can be presented in two manners: one on the grand screen of set up and other on the digital tablet or iPad. During our project work, we met Anjum Hasan, a writer, in Bangalore. We were welcomed in the apartment at Darpana Center for Performing Arts in Ahmedabad and we started the rehearsals with dancers Pooja Purohit and Revanta Sarabhai. Amit Kharsani, calligrapher and professor in National School of Design as well as Tudu, graphic designer joined the project. In addition to them, some musicians associated with Centre joined us too. Finally, the translators of Hindi, Kannada, Gujrati and French joined to add the final touch.

How did the collaboration with Anjum Hasan take place? What influence it had on your work?
We exchanged our style of working and perceiving the world with Anjum. We read his texts, novels and poems and suggested him to write 12 new (Bangalore Diaries) which would be the motive and the source of inspiration to the dance and calligraphy. These short stories and snapshots of daily life in Bangalore are included in the perspective with the poetic questioning of the world. We play between the lines of strength and intimist references as there is a distance between the close and the distant. Thus, the choreographic scenario and the  storyboard of images seemed real.

How would you describe your interaction with the public for this project?
The public can interact with some of the devices in the set up and with all the digital tablets made available. Thanks to interactive reading style, images and sounds, choreographic sequences and calligraphic signs, people can explore these stories to the core. Successive touches will bring out a dialogue box stating that one can define the environmental modifications like closer to gardening or that about culture of flowers; like one can customize in video games. An unpublished software development was implemented for this creation by Samuel Toulouse.

N+N Corsino - Bangalore fictions

N+N Corsino - Bangalore fictions

Could you integrate some elements of Indian culture in your work?
In Bangalore Fictions, the Indian culture is present through the artists themselves. The preparation and creation is Indo-French, but first of all, this project is an artistic piece of creation. We have highlighted every constituent element across the dramatization and the interactive scenography. The writings were complex, but its reading stimulates the varied interpretation, in the direct relation with the public.

What response did you receive from the Public of New Delhi?
The public in the New Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) at New Delhi was sensible towards this pioneering artistic creation. We were present in the set up to assure the mediation and we often heard the spectators expressing that this was for the first time in India, such a different type of creation, showcasing cross-breed artistic scope is being displayed. In April 2013, Bangalore Fictions will be available worldwide on tablet iPad. We keep it first for the Indians, where it was conceived, thanks to Bonjour India festival. On this background, Bangalore Fictions is being presented from 18th to 22nd March at SKE Gallery in Bangalore.

Site of N+N Corsino:

  Translation and interview by Sanyogita Zadkar

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