Diplomatic café

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In keeping with its tradition of Literary Cafés, the Alliance Française de Pondicherry presented a café with a twist i.e. the first diplomatic café at the Maison Colombini on 17th July 2013.

Pierre Fournier et Fabrice Mongiat

Mr Pierre Fournier and Fabrice Mongiat

The current Consul General of France in Pondicherry, Mr. Pierre Fournier is all set to take up his career as a diplomat on other shores. Thus, this diplomatic café was the perfect event to recapitulate his term in India since August 2009. The café was an informal chat where Mr. Fournier, known as a man of letters and an avid reader of Indian philosophy, answered questions from the public, with his charismatic smile, sprinkled with his oratory skills.

Mr. Fabrice Mongiat, the director of the Alliance Française de Pondichéry, began with an introduction of the Consul General to the public and then set the ball of the question – answer session rolling by asking him about the role and purpose of a consulate. Mr. Fournier answered all these questions demonstrating his diplomatic wit and yet connecting to the people through his responses. First of all, he explained the difference between the consulate and the consulate general, highlighting the consular work and the role of the consul general. As an animator of the café, Mr. Mongiat later threw open the question – answer session to the public. Questions on various topics ranging from bad roads to Tamils in Sri Lanka, from usurping of property to propagating cultural and artistic ties were asked and the Consul General in his relaxed and calm demeanour answered them with diplomatic tact, sounding candid and yet very informative.

Towards the end of the session, Mr. Fournier added his personal experience stating that the 4 years have gone by fast and that he has seen an increased growth in Indo-French relations in trade, industry and cooperation in science, education and research. An informal cocktail and snack session followed the programme and that concluded a successful launch of the first diplomatic café with one of Pondicherry’s memorable diplomats leaving footprints in the historical garden of Maison Colombani.

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