Sugar and spice in orange city

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What happens when a village boy comes to town to stay with distant relatives? What happens when you start a conversation with a stranger in the park? What happens when a famous film director loses his family? Or when you have to deal with hierarchy in the office?

Ten writers pen down a story each, putting down their thoughts, ideas, sentiments, emotions all in one play…and then come ten directors who have to interpret these scripts and prepare 10 odd actors  to act in these plays. Confused?

Sugar and Spice II

Sugar and Spice II

Stagecraft Theatre, Nagpur recently put together a “10 minutes – 10 directors – 10 writers – 10 actors” act, Sugar and Spice II, where a multitude of short plays brought to life different aspects and perceptions of a normal life. The plays, written in Hindi and English were a part of Stagecraft Adda, the experimental wing of Stagecraft Theatre. Ten writers wrote a story each, and then came along ten different directors who helped actors give life and words to these scripts. A conditional approach (no writer could direct his own play nor act in it) made it possible for amateur directors to try their hand at directing. The reason behind this entire cacophonic hullabaloo is the man himself, Vikash Khurana, who believes in experimental theater and has given opportunities to a multitude of artists to try a stint at writing, directing and acting.
Nagpur was introduced to Stagecraft Theatre in 2003 with My fair lady. Ten years and 51 productions later, the small group of artists is now a 300+ throng of amateurs who come together for the love and passion of theater.
Coming close to the heels of the ten minute plays in August, is a play by the french dramaturge Georges Feydeau “A flea in her ear” adapted in Hindi. Promising to be a madcap fun-act, it will be followed in September by “Old times” a play by the Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter. Come October and Stagecraft will organize a fiesta of performing arts, a platform for amateurs to discover their lesser-known talents. Another play by Sir Alfred Hitchcock titled Rope is scheduled to take to stage in November.
Stagecraft Theatre will say au revoir 2013 in December (and how!) at the National Centre for the Performing Arts of Mumbai  where it will participate for the first time. Not to miss this one, Mumbaikars.

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