French language at Kochi!

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Established in 1998, Kochi becomes one of the earliest recognized annexes of Alliance Française in India. Functioning under the umbrella of Alliance Française de Trivandrum, the annex at Kochi in the state of Kerala has flourished exceptionally. It is located in the Chavara Cultural Centre, in Ernakulam, the heart of the city and has become a thriving French cultural hub. 

Presently in the process of enlarging their database and networking, the annex at Kochi functions with an office staff of two people and three teachers. Although the center only manages levels A1 and A2 (the first two levels), it caters to at least 50 to 60 students per session, and this number is only increasing. The Directrice of Alliance Française de Trivandrum, Alice Gauny, was more than happy to share that they are in the process of developing basic infrastructure and they will soon have a resource center which will most definitely be beneficial to french language enthusiasts of the city.

Poetry Recitation competition for schools in Cochin

Poetry Recitation competition for schools in Cochin

Although efforts are being made to advertise, she admitted that reaching out to students is a major task ahead but in no way is it a deterrent. It is a task they have undertaken very seriously since her arrival, a year back. Publicity is in the form of the newsletters of Trivandrum and their popular Facebook page which they have upgraded. The major target audience through social networking is students.The students come from varied backgrounds but the foremost category is of young professionals who wish to immigrate to Canada and Québec. The annex also has dynamic associations with various schools in the city and they are looking at starting special French courses for younger students. The potential infrastructure will only in turn help set up higher levels of B1 and B2 very soon. The center also effectively manages DELF exams of the first two levels.

Under the guidance of Alliance Française de Trivandrum, the annex has taken the lead in organizing many cultural events like creative writing competitions and poetry recitations in French. All of these cultural gatherings have received the attention of the Press which on its part ameliorates and enhances its reach. They also have an upcoming exposition on calligraphy in the Malayalam language and also a workshop on calligraphy, the first of its kind in the first week of October.
When asked about her personal experiences and future plans, Alice Gauny acknowledged that even though it is not a cake walk to manage two centers, the centre in Kochi, under a new course coordinator, and the city are both very receptive and that helps her dream big. All the activities have been rewarded with a positive response and there is a general willingness to expand. With an ever burgeoning base, it is successful in widening its reach and therefore bettering the spread of French language and culture.

– Manas Paradkar

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