Arties is Back

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Arties is a musical society which was formed by Gauthier Herrmann with an objective of  widening the reach of western classical music across the globe. The group comes to India, again, for the Arties festival at NCPA  in Mumbai this November. Get ready to be enchanted.

Gauthier Herrmann was always passionate about music and had studied under Marcel Burdon, Roland Pidoux and many others before bagging various prizes for his magic with the cello. Having spread his music across numerous countries, he became associated with the festival in Aix-en-Provence in France.

Gauthier Herrmann

Gauthier Herrmann

He was the pioneering force in the formation of the Arties Society, a grand group consisting of international musicians who share a passion for chamber music. All of them have graduated from the European Music Conservatoires in Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Geneva and won international prizes such as Dublin, Hamamatsu, Nielsen, ARD Munich, Florence, Long Thibaud, Heerlen, and IIIzaach. Since their formation, they have participated in many prestigious concerts in London, Tokyo, Beijing, Paris and Kuala Lumpur. They share a passion for music and travel and have worked tirelessly to spread the magnificence of chamber music all over the world. Over the years, Arties have built an avid bond with its exceptionally gifted artists.
The group includes soloists, chamber musicians, amateur artists and members of French and European orchestras as well as young talents. Not all of them tour a particular country when they are performing, but a few of them take turns. The group thrives on the belief that Western classical music will always find appreciation and charm audiences across the globe. The group attempts to have concerts especially in rapidly growing countries where they believe future talents and world musicians are flourishing. With their concerts they hope to successfully create contacts between international financiers and local initiatives.
Herrmann was overwhelmed by the first impressions India had to offer and hence decided to start the Arties Event management that organizes their concerts at NCPA and other cities in India. They are rapidly expanding geographically, to cover more cities and towns. Their concerts in India at the Arties festival so far have been traditional, representing masterpieces of chamber music. This festival was inaugurated in 2008 and takes place biannually at NCPA, in March and in November each year, this year being the 11th edition. But for Herrmann, the Arties festival most importantly becomes a blooming world of exchanges, meetings and discoveries. This time the festival in India will have Marc Desmons, Gauthier Herrmann, Romain Descharmes and Pierre Fouchenneret for the concerts on 17th and 19th of November in Pune and on 21st, 23rd and 24th of November at NCPA, Mumbai. Through their biannual visits to India, they continue to push themselves beyond their own limits to present, lure and mesmerize Indian audiences with high-quality chamber music.

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