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Le musicien Christophe Chassol est de retour en Inde pour une nouvelle tournée. L’année dernière, l’Institut Français en Inde accueillait dans le cadre du festival  Bonjour India 2013, ce compositeur, pour un concert à Delhi qui resta dans les mémoires de tous ceux qui y participèrent. En ce début d’année 2014, retrouvez le programme des Alliances […]

France Heritage


The exhibition France Heritage is a group photography exhibition showcasing works by Anay Mann, Gigi Scaria, Rishi Singhal, Serena Chopra, Isabel Saij and Jean-Pierre Dubois is now on in the city of Bangalore. Each artist has a very unique style, but together, the works highlight the importance of architecture in defining one’s cultural identity. The […]

French Film Frenzy !

Edouard Baer

As the musical chords of the last concert fade from the minds of the people, the flavor of Bonjour India festival was still felt in the air. All eyes were set on Gandhi Square once again as a new event was about to kindle the excitement of the festival. Pondicherry witnessed an open air cinema for the very […]

A galaxy of experience


A review written by Oiendrila Moitra. A show of video art in India is indeed a phenomenon. In a country where we still find art practice in the modernist trends more viable, such exhibitions are no doubt a refreshment of conceptual and perceptual understandings for us. And thanks to the French Embassy, Institut Français en Inde, […]

Cinéma en plein air à Pune

Shantaram Pond, FTII

La nuit est tombée, les oiseaux se sont tus, le brouhaha de la rue s’apaise peu à peu. Pourtant, dans le parc du Film and Television Institute of India de Pune, on s’agite. Des dizaines de jeunes, des familles et des étudiants se pressent dans le fond du campus. C’est que la nuit du court-métrage […]

Baroque music for India

Amarillis Ensemble

This is an invitation to a voyage to the court of Versailles. This performance stages two heroic and opposing mythical personalities under the torment of love. The states of mind of the queen Didon (first her confusion and her pain, then her desire for vengeance and finally her renunciation) must be seen in the light […]

Digital Diaries


On the backdrop of Bonjour India festival, the creator duo N+N Corsino is presenting an innovative project which intersects contemporary dance, digital creation and graphic novels. The Afmagazine interviewed these unconventional artists from Marseille, France. How do you describe yourself? Visual artists, choreographers or something even different…..? What justifies our artistic choices and creative concepts […]

A magical concert Lo Griyo

Lo Griyo

As dusk looms over the Bay of Bengal and lights begin to twinkle like stars on earth, Gandhi Square begins to throb as usual with Joggers, walkers and strollers of all shapes and sizes. A clear sky begins to emerge on coastal Pondicherry. Amidst the regular roar of the crashing waves, the air is ripped […]

Francophonie en Folie !

Chowra Makaremi

Le mois de la francophonie a commencé sur les chapeaux de roues pour l’Alliance Française, Panjim à Goa. Les élèves de français, tous niveaux confondus, ont été invités à leur « Fête de la francophonie » le 2 mars. Une fois les élèves répartis en diverses équipes, plus le temps de papoter, montre en main, place à […]

Slow Down for Imany


She has a velvet vibrant dusky voice. Whether she sings in French or in English, no one can resist the magnetic charm of Imany, the new musical sensation on the French scene. Meet her on her Indian tour, starting on the 14th of March in Mumbai for the festival Bonjour India 2013. Imany, you have […]


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