AF Bombay Gets Dramatic With SAPP

A still from Matei Vișniec’s play 'Voices in the Dark'

St. Andrew’s Centre for Philosophy and Performing Arts (SAPP) recently collaborated with Alliance Française de Bombay for performing contemporary French plays in English twice a month. An interview with Dr. Omkar Bhatkar (Founder, SAPP) on what this collaboration entails : Hello! Could you please tell us a bit about yourself? I don’t know where to start […]

Confluence of Ceramics and Poetry at AF Bhopal

Some ceramics by Nirmala Sharma - the piece on the right incorporates a poem by Anirudh Umat

Over the years, Alliance Française de Bhopal has earned a strong reputation for promoting Arts and Crafts in the region. While the organisation has been hosting painting exhibitions in its gallery on a regular basis, August 2018 brought a breath of fresh air to the premises with the exhibit Laya which brought ceramics, poetry, and paintings […]

No Rain over AF Bombay’s Parade!

Monsoon Project Banner

The monsoons of Mumbai are legendary – and not in the way Barney Stinson uses the word! For a city known for the resilience of its denizens, nothing quite brings Mumbai to a halt like a downpour – trains get delayed, roads get blocked and appointments are rescheduled. The rainy season in Mumbai presents a […]

The French and Occitan Poet in Goa


 Alliance Francaise de Panjim, in collaboration with the French Embassy in India, the Institut Francais en Inde and the French book office in Delhi had the honour of receiving Aurélia Lassaque on the 19th September for a day full of activities. Here’s a portrait of a poet who writes in French and originally in Occitan. Aurélia […]

Poésie et sitar au Bengale

Le mois de mars à l’Alliance française du Bengale a rimé avec francophonie. A travers de nombreuses activités (concert, danse etc.) les étudiants ont pu ouvrir leurs esprits au monde francophone. Un des plaisirs de création artistique au Bengale n’est autre que la poésie. L’idée fut lancée d’écrire des poèmes en français tout en insérant […]


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