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A self-confessed return to the future of Great Black Music, the Hip Hop Jazz trio Sax Machine is a curious amalgam of hard bop, afro beat, funk and hip hop. The atypical group consists of the RacecaR (emcee), Pierre Dandin (trombone, conch) and Guillaume Sené (saxophone, beatmaking). The name Sax Machine is an hommage to the music of James Brown whose impact can be felt in their energy on stage. With a wide variety of influences ranging from Miles Davis, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, A Tribe Called Quest and Jungle Brothers; the trio are known for the quality of their live performances.


Sax Machine

The concept of the group Sax Machine was born in 2009 but the trio took its current form only in 2012. Initially, Guillaume Sené used to create sounds by himself with saxophones and loopers (cranksets that allow instantaneous looping of sounds recorded live). He was invited to perform at the Recife Jazz Festival (Brazil) and asked Jay Ree, an anglophone rapper and singer, to accompany him. From this collaboration was born the essence of Sax Machine : hip hop & brass. The duo later met Pierre Dandin, a gifted trombonist, who immediately brought fresh energy to the project. After Jay Ree went on tour, the group found a new MC in RacecaR – an American rapper from Chicago who had recently shifted to Paris. The richness of the encounter on both a human and musical level gave birth to the current form of Sax Machine and made it what it is today !

The official clip of their song And I can be found here :

For their first album Speed of Life, the trio followed a more traditional approach to music-making – writing followed by production. This album is strongly marked by their collaborations with other musicians including Muppet, J.Quarm and Julia Chesnin. On stage, on the other hand, each Sax Machine concert is unique and relies heavily on improvisation. As a group, they are strong proponents of the ephemerality of live music. The trio admits that this spontaneity enables them to feel not just as executors but also creators of music. Small wonder then that their rhythms made the audiences groove in Chennai (Jan 25), Bangalore (Jan 27), Goa (Jan 29), Hyderabad (Feb 1), Nashik (Feb 4 as part of the Sula Fest) and Kathmandu (Feb 5) thanks to a tour organised by the Alliance Française de Bangalore !

Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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