No Rain over AF Bombay’s Parade!

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The monsoons of Mumbai are legendary – and not in the way Barney Stinson uses the word! For a city known for the resilience of its denizens, nothing quite brings Mumbai to a halt like a downpour – trains get delayed, roads get blocked and appointments are rescheduled. The rainy season in Mumbai presents a […]

Finding meaning in dance with Histoires Vraies


Dances do not exist and evolve in a vacuum – the movements of a dancer’s body can often be traced back to distinct stylistic lineages. These are rooted in specific contexts which have shaped different dance forms as we know them today. Contemporary dancers often highlight these linkages through an exploration of rhythms, movements and […]

Yama – a contemporary dance expressing ancient ideas

The performers on stage

Dance is often compared to poetry in motion and is formally recognised as one of the seven major art forms in France. It is one of the most fundamental ways in which humans express themselves – an intrinsically physical language that is in a state of constant evolution like any other. To honour this art […]

Dancing to his own beat!


As an artist, Astad Deboo needs no formal introduction. Credited as being the pioneer of contemporary dance in India, the recipient of the Sangeet Natak Academi Award for Creative Dance in 1995 was also awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2007. Alliance Française de Madras and Prakriti Foundation – with the […]

Into the Wild at AF Madras

forêt ébouriffée - featured image

It has been said that dancing is like dreaming with your feet. Alliance Française de Madras recently gave wings to some such feet-dreams by piloting a tour of La forêt ébouriffée. This dance, performance by the French dance company CFB 451, is based on Mélusine Thiry‘s book La forêt de Racine. The performances took place in Chennai (May […]

Workshops this monsoon

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This monsoon, Alliance Française de Bombay alongside ten partners is offering a number of workshops, most of them free, on subjects of art and culture ranging from music and dance to baking, wine-tasting and theatre. The wet, rainy months of July and August are poised to inundate the public with a deluge of interesting projects, […]

S’envoler en solitudes

Nos solitudes - Nioche - AIME - Pouponey

Dans le cadre du festival DanSe DialogueS, l’Alliance Française de Bangalore a eu le plaisir d’accueillir Julie Nioche pour son spectacle magique, Nos Solitudes, une œuvre imaginée autour d’un corps suspendu.  Seule sur scène, Julie Nioche, suspendue à des fils tendus de poids, s’est élevée du sol comme si elle ne pesait guère plus qu’une plume. […]

DanSe DialogueS 2


The Embassy of France in India, Institut Français en Inde and the Alliance Française network are delighted to introduce the second edition of the contemporary dance festival DanSe DialogueS. This pan-Indian Festival, scheduled to start in April 2014, is dedicated to promoting the richness and diversity of Indian and French contemporary dance, fostering collaboration between French and […]

Idiomas, la rencontre

résidence dansée

Du 13 au 23 janvier 2014, la dans était à l’honneur à l’Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad. Vaishali Trivedi et Sébastien Vela Lopez étaient en résidence  pour la création de leur future pièce Idiomas; une pièce à la gloire des femmes. Idiomas, c’est avant tout l’histoire d’une rencontre. Celle de deux danseurs venant d’univers totalement differents mais qui, […]

From Ball to Bollywood


A l’occasion de la fête nationale française, le Club des étudiants de l’Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad a organisé, vendredi 12 Juillet, une soirée dansante en rappel aux célèbres bals des pompiers. Retour sur une journée mouvementée… Le 12 Juillet, l’Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad n’a pas chômé! La journée a commencé par la Pre-Departure session de Campus France qui […]


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