Gurgaon hosts Body: An archive of Memory

Aastha Gandhi on the stage “We Women: Trigger Warning”

There is no denying that learning a foreign language enhances our ability to understand different cultures. This heightened awareness of another culture also gives us an enriched perspective about our own heritage. The network of Alliance Françaises in India and Nepal is committed to creating spaces which encourage this kind of dialogue. It is within […]

Abstract Elements at Trivandrum

One of the artworks on display

The network of Alliances in India and Nepal does not limit itself to teaching French. It also fosters art and encourages artists by providing them a platform to display their works. Keeping in tune with this sentiment, Alliance Française de Trivandrum recently presented Elements – a group-exhibition showcasing 15 paintings by Deepa Ram, B Balagopalan, Ashok […]

Albert Camus in graphic and digital exhibition

Albert Camus in comic

Alliance Française de Bombay organises a unique exhibition on Albert Camus’ life and his works. Additionally, a Graphic Novels workshop will be conducted as part of the Monsoon Project, reconstructing his works as graphic novels. Albert Camus (1913-1960) was a French-Algerian Nobel prize winning writer, philosopher and journalist. He was awarded the 1957 Nobel Prize […]

Les soldats indiens durant la grande guerre

Le Maharajah Bhupinder Singh avec les généraux belges sur le front

À l’occasion du centenaire du début de la première guerre mondiale (août 1914), l’Alliance Française de Bombay en collaboration avec le Goethe Institut – Max Muller Bhavan, organise une exposition photographique sur les soldats indiens qui sera inaugurée le 18 août 2014. La Première Guerre Mondiale qui commence en août 1914 s’explique par de nombreuses […]

France volontaires


France Volontaires, a French organisation of professional volunteers, will be organizing an hour of conversation about their work at India will be held at Café Zoe, Mumbai on 29th July at 6 pm for this occasion, followed by a photo exhibition of the work done across the world. Born in October 2009, France Volontaires has been supporting, for […]

Happy owners


Over the course of the next year (2014-15), French artist, living in Mumbai, Soazic Guezennec  will be showcasing her artwork across seven Alliances Françaises in India: Happy Owners, Subjective Architecture Realty a concept based on series of imaginary architectural plans where nature dominates cities. Inspired by the increasing divide that exists between cities and nature, Soazic Guezennec, French artist living […]

The Delhi Photo Festival

sharare Ravan

Following the great success of India Photo Now, IPN 2008, a seminal project which served as a platform for photography in India in 2008, France is honoured to partner the Delhi Photo Festival in 2013, with a special participation of 15 French photographers for the second edition of this much sought after photographic rendez-vous ! […]

La journée mondiale de l’environnement


A l’occasion de la Journée Mondiale de l’Environnement, l’Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad a présenté, à, du 5 au 12 Juin 2013, dans sa nouvelle galerie, l’exposition photographique Goalmari, Bangladesh’s own Island  de Munem Wasif ainsi que le projet 7 billion Others  par GoodPlanet Foundation. Initiée par l’Organisation des Nations Unis en 1972, la Journée Mondiale de […]

France Heritage


The exhibition France Heritage is a group photography exhibition showcasing works by Anay Mann, Gigi Scaria, Rishi Singhal, Serena Chopra, Isabel Saij and Jean-Pierre Dubois is now on in the city of Bangalore. Each artist has a very unique style, but together, the works highlight the importance of architecture in defining one’s cultural identity. The […]

Digital Diaries


On the backdrop of Bonjour India festival, the creator duo N+N Corsino is presenting an innovative project which intersects contemporary dance, digital creation and graphic novels. The Afmagazine interviewed these unconventional artists from Marseille, France. How do you describe yourself? Visual artists, choreographers or something even different…..? What justifies our artistic choices and creative concepts […]


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