Lights, Camera, Action at AF Kathmandu!


In the words of Lee Strasberg, “Art is longer than life … if we cannot see the possibility of greatness, how can we dream it?” Films are a medium which allow us a glimpse of this greatness – not only by creating worlds of make-believe but also through onscreen performances which have become iconic. Indeed, it is a […]

The Independent Cinema of Vikalp


Vikalp, an initiative for independent cinema, draws together several film makers. AF Magazine recently interviewed film maker Paromita Vohra who is involved in this initiative and spoke to them about Vikalp, on how it started, what it currently accomplishes and what are its goals for the future. Vikalp is a collective of film makers that was created as […]

Flavours of the Lunchbox in Nantes


Pankhuri Wadhwa, an alumna of Alliance Française d’Indore is presently in Nantes, France. She is participating in the program “Assistants d’anglais en France 2014-2015 “. She was witness to the screening of the Bollywood film Lunch Box which was recently released in France, in a cinema in Nantes. Here, she shares with us her first thoughts : There […]

Pride sans prejudice


Durant trois jours (du 7 au 9 juin 2013), l’Alliance Française de Madras a accueilli le Chennai Rainbow Film Festival (CRFF), un festival gay, lesbien, bisexuel et transsexuel à Chennai. Retour sur un évènement culturel riche en diversité, en partage d’idées et en échanges multiculturels. A l’heure où la France vit difficilement une évolution sociétale et politique […]

French Film Frenzy !

Edouard Baer

As the musical chords of the last concert fade from the minds of the people, the flavor of Bonjour India festival was still felt in the air. All eyes were set on Gandhi Square once again as a new event was about to kindle the excitement of the festival. Pondicherry witnessed an open air cinema for the very […]

European Union Film Festival

EU festival de cinéma

Les émotifs anonymes The 17th edition of the European Film Festival will be held in seven Indian cities (Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa and Hyderabad respectively). This   festival will visit the cities on the following dates: 14th to 25th March 2012 in Delhi 16th to 22nd March in Bangalore 3rd to 9th April in […]


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