Manu Chao in India


Manu Chao is a singer of French and Spanish (Basque, Galician) origin. Chao is a sensation who manages to sing his infectious tunes in no less than seven languages. For those playing at home: the list goes French, Spanish, English, Italian, Galician, Arabic and Portuguese. From his early work with the English- influenced rockabilly group Hot Pants to […]

A new start for French in Nagpur


With the annex at Indore being established in 1997, Alliance Française de Bhopal already had a widespread reach in the state of Madhya Pradesh. However, French found a new avenue in  Nagpur, in January this year, and it has helped to strengthen the extent of the French language and culture. This year an innovative step […]

Percussions pour la Paix


Le 21 septembre 2013, à Pune, l’association TaalInc propose un Drum circle géant pour célébrer le Jour mondial de la Paix. Portrait de son créateur et leader, Varun Venkit.  “We drum for peace, you, me, and all of us under the sun… We drum for unity and harmony. Come. Drum. Be One.” – Varun Venkit Varun […]

La fin du télégramme

A woman sends a telegram before India's telegrpah service shuts down

Jetté dans l’ombre a l’ère des mails et des téléphones portables, ce service humble qu’était le télégramme a mis fin à ses jours, le 14 juillet dernier. En effet,le dernier télégramme en Inde a été envoyé ce jour-là marquant la fin d’un service vieux de 163 ans de fonctionnement. Lancé en 1850 par William O’Shaghnessy, […]

French in Manipal

French in Manipal

With its three annexes in Mysore, Mangalore and Manipal, Alliance Française de Bangalore has been spreading French language and culture in almost all of Karnataka. An annex in Manipal was only logical, since it is popularly known as the university town of the state. The annex has been adding to the international aspect of this […]

A goan rendez-vous


On the occasion of an inauguration of the Alliance Francaise de Panjim, a photography exhibition was held at our new premises : A Goan Rendez-Vous by Nolan Mascarenhas. We had an opportunity to know more about Nolan Mascarenhas and to discover his work. How did you start with photography? I started my tryst with photography by chance […]

France Heritage


The exhibition France Heritage is a group photography exhibition showcasing works by Anay Mann, Gigi Scaria, Rishi Singhal, Serena Chopra, Isabel Saij and Jean-Pierre Dubois is now on in the city of Bangalore. Each artist has a very unique style, but together, the works highlight the importance of architecture in defining one’s cultural identity. The […]

India, the guest country at Cannes

monsoon-shootout (1)

India is the guest country at the 66th Cannes Film Festival, which will take place from 15th to 26th May, 2013. The guest country selection coincides with the  centennial of Indian cinema and Cannes will welcome a large number of Indian films and delegates to celebrate the anniversary. Amitabh Bachchan will be on the French […]

Prisoners of Gravity…


Isaac Delusion is the new rising French musical group. The group combines the efficiency of pop and avant-garde sound he deploys, quiet, hazy, floating, so that we can categorize them as a group of Dream Pop, like their compatriots M83, another rising group of French independent music. Either way, only the shadow of an airy […]

A galaxy of experience


A review written by Oiendrila Moitra. A show of video art in India is indeed a phenomenon. In a country where we still find art practice in the modernist trends more viable, such exhibitions are no doubt a refreshment of conceptual and perceptual understandings for us. And thanks to the French Embassy, Institut Français en Inde, […]


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