Frank Cucco Net Worth: How Much Is His Wealth?

Frank Cucco’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

He is a well-known American entrepreneur and business executive.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Impact Networking, LLC, a technology provider of products and services for organizations in greater Chicago.

Cucco has been instrumental in the growth of the company, which has expanded to multiple locations across the United States.

His journey through IT and entrepreneurship reflects a story of dedication and strategic business acumen.

His financial standing is a testament to his expertise in navigating the complex landscape of modern business.

Cucco has been recognized for his contributions to the industry and was named one of the “40 under 40” by Crain’s Chicago Business in 2012.

Cucco is a Lake Forests resident and a Christian by religion.

He has been actively involved in philanthropic efforts and has supported various charitable organizations.

Despite his success, Cucco remains grounded and is committed to driving Impact Networking’s growth and success in the years to come.

Frank Cucco’s Professional Career

Professional Career

Career Path

Frank Cucco has had a successful career in the tech industry, with a prominent presence in the IT sector.

He started his career in 1985 at Savin, where he received sales training and gained valuable business experience.

He then went on to work for several companies, including Xerox and IKON, where he held leadership roles and played a vital role in their success.

In 1999, Cucco co-founded Impact Networking, LLC, a leading business process automation provider, and managed IT services.

Under his visionary leadership, the company has become a prominent figure in the industry, with a presence in multiple states and a team of over 700 professionals.

Current Role

As the co-founder and CEO of Impact Networking, Cucco continues to lead the company with his intense dedication and relentless pursuit of innovative strategies.

He has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success and is recognized as a notable figure in the business community.

Cucco is also actively involved in his team members’ educational journeys, providing them with opportunities to enhance their business knowledge and skills.

He has developed innovative business applications and courses to help his team members stay ahead of the business landscape.

Cucco is focused on driving business outcomes and building strong partnerships with his clients in his current role.

He is a respected business leader and a trusted advisor to many businesses, providing them with the business services they need to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Frank Cucco’s Net Worth

Financial Profile

Frank Cucco’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

This impressive figure is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his successful career in the business sphere.

Cucco has accumulated wealth through various income sources and his financial acumen.

Sources of Income

Cucco’s primary source of income is his role as the CEO of Impact Networking, a technology provider of products and services for organizations in greater Chicago.

The company’s annual revenue is reported to be over $100 million, reflecting Cucco’s successful leadership and business acumen.

Apart from his role at Impact Networking, Cucco has also achieved notable financial success through his entrepreneurial ventures.

He has demonstrated his financial acumen by investing in various profitable businesses and making strategic decisions that have yielded significant returns.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Frank Cucco’s personal life is an essential aspect of his success story.

He is a family man who has been married for a long time, and his family has been a supportive environment throughout his career.

Frank cherishes the leisurely moments he spends with his family, exploring new places and creating cherished memories that shape his perspective on life.

As a sports enthusiast, Frank Cucco has been a fan of Nate Robinson, a former NBA player.

He has also been a supporter of various sports teams, including the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Frank’s success in his career can be attributed to his strong sense of discipline and work ethic.

He held various business positions, including branch manager, before co-founding Impact Networking, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the known sources of income contributing to Frank Cucco’s wealth?

Frank Cucco’s wealth is primarily amassed through his highly successful IT services company, Impact Networking.

He has been the CEO of the company since 1999 and has led it to great heights.

He has also invested in various other ventures, which have contributed to his net worth.

Can you detail the financial growth of Impact Networking under Frank Cucco’s leadership?

Under Frank Cucco’s leadership, Impact Networking has experienced significant financial growth.

The company has expanded its operations to multiple locations and has increased its revenue over the years.

In 2019, the company’s revenue was reported to be over $100 million.

What are the impacts of Frank Cucco’s business ventures on his personal net worth?

Frank Cucco’s business ventures have had a significant impact on his personal net worth.

His successful leadership of Impact Networking has contributed greatly to his wealth.

He has also invested in various other ventures, which have helped him increase his net worth over time.

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