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Over the course of the next year (2014-15), French artist, living in Mumbai, Soazic Guezennec  will be showcasing her artwork across seven Alliances Françaises in India: Happy Owners, Subjective Architecture Realty a concept based on series of imaginary architectural plans where nature dominates cities.



Inspired by the increasing divide that exists between cities and nature, Soazic Guezennec, French artist living in Mumbai for the past three years, has been creating paintings, which depict the emphatic ingressions of nature into metropolitan areas. After spending a year (in 2002) in the midst of nature in Africa, isolated from the rest of the world, her return to urban life made her realise the chasm that separated cities from the environment that surrounded them. Since then, her paintings are aimed at reflecting the sheer lack of nature in urban milieus.

Noticing the gap between the concept of “Nature City” plugged by the real estate adverts and the reality, Soazic Guezennec designs architectural projects which take the real estate slogans at their word, creating a city where nature would reassert itself, in a poetic and sometimes violent way.

Some of her projects include: Cascade Grandeur where buildings transform into waterfalls; Sky Nest with its building that is a part-nest; Banyan City, a city dominated by banyan trees, and mushrooms invading a town in Magic Mushrooms. To make the projects more believable, they are supported by real estate plans, brochures, models, videos and other promotional materials, soliciting people to buy.

Over time, Guezennec created a series of posters, she calls Subjective Architecture Realty: Happy Owners, “a Real Estate Company giving Nature the City it deserves.” In February, 2013, she held the exhibition, lasting a month, of her projects at Studio X Mumbai in collaboration with Alliance Française de Bombay. Recently, in April 2014, she presented the Oxygen Tree, in the Eden festival, a festival of electronic music, where she was one of the artists who displayed their art installations. Described often as melancholic or ironic, her paintings also additionally disclose an idealistic image of nature, so as to make one aware of the perils that endanger our environment as well as our future.

Oxygen Tree at Eden Festival

Oxygen Tree at Eden Festival

Seven Alliances Françaises will be holding exhibitions of the artwork of Soazic Guezennec over the course of the next year ( summer 2014 to winter 2015): Alliances Françaises of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Trivandrum and Chandigarh.

More info :
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SubjectiveArchitecture

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