Heritage Days

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European Heritage DaysEuropean Heritage Days (les Journées Européennes du Patrimoine) are a series of events that take place in September, commemorating Europe’s common heritage. During these set of days, countries in Europe give free access to museums and other historical sites. On this occasion, the Alliance Française has organized a series of events.

Initiated in France in 1984 as Les Journées Portes Ouvertes (Open Doors Days) sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the event was soon raised to an international level in 1985 at the European conference, on France’s suggestion. The programme is now celebrated across 50 countries in Europe. Aimed at intercultural harmony and co-operation, this event highlights the indigenous heritage, architecture, traditions, skills and works of art of each region. It offers opportunities to visit buildings, monuments and sites, with the objective to facilitate easier access as well as to promote and encourage the preservation of architectural masterpieces.

On its part, the Alliance Française de Bombay has organized a chain of events for the fifth consecutive year, aimed at showcasing the heritage that Mumbai has to offer. Between, 20th and 25th September 2014, a series of guided tours in various locations of Mumbai have been designed to bring out the cultural vibrancy concealed within the city:

20th, 9 am :  Bandra Walk with Sancia Sequeira

A small fishing village during its Portuguese annexation in 1534, Bandra has now grown to a hub for film stars and expatriates. Among the various traditional hamlets, the old railway laid in 1867 and the sea link are just few of the many attractions this suburb has to offer.

For more information: http://bombay.afindia.org/events/heritage-walks-bandra-walk/

Slum at Dharavi, Mumbai

Slum at Dharavi, Mumbai

21st, 9 am : Mazgaon Walk with Rafique Baghdadi

The meeting point of various cultural communities, Mazgaon has had a rich cultural history and was one of the original seven islands of Mumbai. Coming from the Marathi words ‘maza‘ and ‘gaon‘ meaning ‘my village’, the mixture of cultures is what makes this old island of Mumbai as interesting as it is.

For more information: http://bombay.afindia.org/events/heritage-walks-mazgaon-walk/

22nd, 9.30 am: Dharavi with Sancia Sequeira

 Home to many unknown businesses, Dharavi already had many heros and heroines before the shooting of the movie Slumdog millionaire in this suburb. Though often called a slum, this part of the city has businesses, places of worship, clinics, hospitals and even schools with two shifts.

For more information: http://bombay.afindia.org/events/heritage-days-dharavi-walk/

Buildings at Byculla, Mumbai

Buildings at Byculla, Mumbai

23rd, 9.30 am: Byculla Inner City with Rafique Baghdadi

 A multi-cultural location of multiple religions, this neighbourhood evolved as an extension to the nearby Mazgaon island. Though frequently inundated by the break at Mahalaxmi, this area became habitable after the union of all the islands of Mumbai. The region has witnessed a vibrancy not often seen.

For more information: http://bombay.afindia.org/events/heritage-days-byculla-walk/

24th, 9 am : Matunga Walk with Sancia Sequeira

Over the course of apportioning land outside the congested main Bombay in 1910, the South Indians founded their community at Matunga. Alongside their traditional temples and bazaars, the Gujaratis brought along their dharamshalas. Indeed a region of the city where the old merges with the new.

For more information: http://bombay.afindia.org/events/heritage-days-matunga-walk/

25th, 9.30 am: On the trail of Irani Cafés with Rafique Baghdadi

Persian immigrants from the previous centuries brought along with them their cuisine to the vibrant city of Bombay. This cuisine is now showcased in the Irani Cafés. Though many have closed down over time, the remaining ones are certainly worth considering for a cup of tea.

For more information: http://bombay.afindia.org/events/heritage-days-irani-cafe/

All tours require registration. To register, please send an email to: sheryn@afindia.org

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