French Neo-Circus in India

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The Alliance Française network in India kicks off the cultural program for 2016 with a Neo-Circus tour by the French company “Tour de Cirque”. The group is on a 6 city tour starting in Bangalore on 20th January, going through the Alliance Françaises in Trivandrum, Pune, Chandigarh and Calcutta, and ending in Delhi on 31st January. This tour is organized by the Alliance Française de Bangalore for the Alliance Française India network.


A still from “Behind the Door”

After a week of social interaction via art with kids from various associations in and around Pondicherry, the artists from Tour de Cirque Company are in Bangalore for a very special performance. A silent yet vibrant performance that mixes humour, poetry, magic and juggling, “Behind the Door” was imagined and conceptualized by Farid Abed and Marion Achard and choreographed by Gaëlle René, Sophie Mercier. Using various techniques of neo-circus, such as acrobatics, magic, juggling with balls, clubs, hats, etc. Marion and Farid put before the audience the story of a chance meeting that takes an adventurous turn.

It is the story of an ordinary day. An ordinary day for the waiter of the « Petit Café », if he hadn’t fallen in love with the woman who just passed by the door. Seduction, awkwardness, clumsiness, case of mistaken identities, juggling, magic…. It’s an extraordinary day for these two characters that send – with humour – the audience into an absurd yet tender dream world.

_MG_1466b - copie

A still from “Behind the Door”

“Our desire is to affirm juggling and magic, as the artistic languages are the ones in which the possibility of expressiveness, creativity, poetical and comedy are endless. We prefer silent acting giving way to visual and rhythm of the show”, say Marion and Farid.

The Tour de Cirque Company was founded in 1999 by Farid Abed and Marion Achard, it has multiple faces. As a contemporary circus company it broadcasts performances in France and abroad. As an educational company, it sets up instructive workshops on the arts of circus, and works with audience comprised of children & those having major difficulties. Interested and sensitive regarding the world around, the company organises foreign tours and workshops for children. As a local company it works with the social and youth cultural centres, performs in schools on the territory.

Prutha NARKE

Cultural Coordinator, Alliance Française de Bangalore

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