Into the Wild at AF Madras

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It has been said that dancing is like dreaming with your feet. Alliance Française de Madras recently gave wings to some such feet-dreams by piloting a tour of La forêt ébouriffée. This dance, performance by the French dance company CFB 451, is based on Mélusine Thiry‘s book La forêt de Racine. The performances took place in Chennai (May 31), Bangalore (June 2), Hyderabad (June 4), Delhi (June 7), Dehradun (June 10), Chandigarh (June 12), Amritsar (June 14) and Kolkata (June 17) with the final performance being at Ahmedabad (June 19). PhotoForet1+Estelle Brugerolles La forêt ébouriffée tells the story of Racine, an ordinary child living a dreary life with his grandmother, who finds himself in the extraordinary situation of having a forest growing inside his head. The performance aims to recreate his emotions and experiences through unconventional dance, visuals and lighting. More than 700 spectators attended the ethereal performance at Chennai which was organised with the support of Institut Français (India), Saint-Gobain as AFM Gold Sponsor, Oman Air as Airline Partner, The Park (Chennai) as Hospitality Partner and as Online Partner at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall. foret ebouriffee 2 The choreography and set design of the piece are by the France-based duo Christian and François Ben Aïm who worked in close-collaboration with the author Mélusine Thiry. The latter also doubled up as the illustrator and videographer for the project. Her illustrations and videos provide the backdrop to the dancers Grégoire Puren, Lee Davern, Gill Viandier and Vincent Delétang on stage. The Lighting Directors for La forêt ébouriffée – Laurent Patissier and Patrice Pépin – consciously used side-lights to create a soft and indistinct halo around the dancers thereby adding to the surrealness of the performance. The costumes were designed by Dulcie Best while Luc Béril and Sébastien Teulié handled Sound and video production. The musical score is the brainchild of Jean-Baptiste Sabiani. Fanny Eidel, Biju-Duval and Christian Ben Aïm leant their voices to the voiceover. The film playing in the background features the actress Aurélie Berland.

A teaser of the performance can be found on the link below:

Siddharth BHATT

Rédaction AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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