Children in the spotlight at AF Kathmandu!

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It is said that the limits of the language you speak are the limits of your world. What happens then when we deal with children whose inner worlds know no limits? For whom learning, exploring, experimenting and imbibing come naturally? It isn’t difficult to imagine of the number of ways in which learning new languages can empower children and broaden their horizons. Couple this with the opportunities presented by learning a global language like French and it is easy to see why parents are keen that their kids pick up la belle langue as soon as possible.

It goes without saying that teaching a younger demographic comes with its unique set of challenges. It is for this reason that several Alliances in the AF India-Nepal network propose specialized French courses focusing exclusively on young learners. Within this context, the Alliance Française de Katmandou launched its first French course for children in May. The childrens’ course offering covers all ages: reading workshops for very young children and French classes with many different themes for older children. These courses are prepared by Marie José Da Silva Macedo – a professor with extensive experience in conducting workshops for children and teenagers in France, Peru and Mexico. She was hired specifically to design and conduct such courses at Alliance Française de Katmandou.

Marie José Da Silva Macedo during the cartoon workshop

Marie José Da Silva Macedo during the cartoon workshop

Launch of Kids French Club 

AF Kathmandou is not just promoting French courses for kids on its own turf. It has also collaborated with premier institutions to maximize the reach and impact of this specific program. An example is the Kids French Club created in partnership with the École Française de Katmandou which offers creative and artistic activities for learning French in a fun manner. The Club meets once every two weeks – on Saturday mornings. Over the course of the last few sessions, the participating kids have explored several themes  including Puppets, the Five Senses, Optical Illusions and even Comics. For this program, AF Kathmandou has been working with an artist and professor of fine art.



Kids engrossed during the cartoon workshop at AF Katmandou

Little Princes

Another initiative for children is Les Petits Princes – a class designed to help kids expand their knowledge of the French language and culture. The characters of the much-beloved story of The Little Prince by Saint Exupéry are used as friends who introduce the French language to children. Furthermore, Alliance Française de Katmandou will also launch holiday camps every week in July and August for children aged 6 to 11 years and for the age group 12+ for all levels. Each week, AFK will offer new theme-based activities including Tour de France, Gallic Village, Roman novel, handicrafts and a workshop about papier maché.

Charlotte Tassel

Communications Manager, Alliance Française de Katmandou

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