New Director at AF Panjim!

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Hello, my name is Charlyne Weiss and I’m from the Alsace region in France. I am the Director of the Alliance Française de Panjim since the past 2 months.

Hard at Work!

Hard at Work! Charlyne Weiss at AF Panjim

With a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Literature and a Master’s in the Teaching of French as a Foreign language, I previously worked at Alliance Française de Trivandrum in Kerala for about a year and a half. Then for 7 months, I was posted in the Institut Français in Estonia, a country diametrically opposite to India ! But India called me back and I didn’t even hesitate for a second when I was offered the post of the Director of the Alliance Française de Panjim.

AF Panjim was established in 2007 and is flourishing with more and more students coming in every year. After Portuguese, French is the most studied foreign language at school in Goa. I am very happy to work at heart of the little Alliance Française de Panjim, the staff is truly like a family wherein I found my place immediately!


Students of the Margao Annexe of AF Panjim with the Director

One of the main objectives of Alliance Française de Panjim is to develop French classes for the purpose of tourism. It is imperative for the principal actors in the tourism and culinary sector to master the French language and cultural codes. In Goa, there are many hotel schools – even the French hospitality school Saint Anne is planning to set up a base here. Many hospitality students aspire to study or complete an internship in France one day.


Our cultural events attract both Goans as well as tourists. The Alliance Française de Panjim collaborates regularly with several cultural institutions in Goa. For example, we will be organizing the first documentary film festival in Goa this autumn.

The state of Goa is definitively oriented towards Europe. When we stroll in the historic areas of Panjim, one definitely feels like they are more in Europe than in India. The streets strongly evoke the Portuguese colonial past. We even find a strong nap culture here – the city is completely empty between 1pm and 4pm!  It is my pleasure to invite you to come and discover the famous “susegad” culture and the Goan way of living life!

Charlyne Weiss (Director, Alliance Française de Panjim)

Translated from the original in French by Aarushi Rameshchandra (Editorial Intern, AF Magazine India-Nepal)

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