Make Some Noise For Faya Braz!

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One of the most prolific voices of contemporary beat box culture, Faya Braz is a French artist who started beatboxing around 1996. Widely considered as one of the main beatboxers of his generation, Faya Braz will be performing in Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Chennai as part of a tour piloted by the Alliance Française de Bangalore from September 10 to September 19.

Through the looking glass - Faya Braz checks in!

Through the looking glass – Faya Braz checks in!

Faya Braz was inspired to take up beatboxing after listening to Rahzel’s songs. Another formatory influence was the Ekip d’ART-HIFIS with which he started performing in 2001. A series of beatbox music production ensued and in 2007 he collaborated with MisterLips, Micflow and Tiko. These beat boxers decide to collaborate under the moniker UNDER KONTROL. The brand new aesthetics of their style based on tightness, turntablism and deejaying catapulted them to fame in the beatboxing world and by 2009 the group had become the Team World Champions.

Touring since 2007, the group has been all around the world from Asia to Africa via Europe. UNDER KONTROL also came out with the first beatbox album ever made in France in 2011. The name of the LP is « 1 ». The crew is now one of the biggest reference points when it comes to beatbox teams. In 2015, after 6 years of not competing, they reached the final round again and were crowned the voice world champion team – a title they hold to this day.

In 2012, Faya Braz met Yoshi and they formed The Beat And The Voice. The aim of the band is to use Hip hop in its rawest form by mixing Rap with Beatbox. The band has a solid fan base in France, especially in Paris, and around the world. The group has played for frenzied fans in Croatia, Switzerland and the Comoros.

You lookin' at me Braz ?!?!

You lookin’ at me Braz ?!?!

A man of many talents, Faya Braz also began to incorporate a Loopstation in his performance. The latter allows a beatboxer to build musical loops in real time to create complete songs. In 2014, he won the Grand Beat box Battle which is the biggest international Loopstation competition. He is considered to be one of the top loopers in the world today.

Perhaps the most interesting feather in Faya Braz‘s cap is the first interactive Beatbox Application for smartphones called “Beatbox Maker” (available on App Store and Google Play). The app offers simple tutorials to learn the basics of beat boxing. Released in 2016, the app has already clocked 50,000 downloads around the world despite being 100% in French language.

Faya Braz’s performances in India are being organized in collaboration with Hip Hop Citoyens – a collaborative which has been actively involved in promoting Hip hop culture since 2002. An event producer and promoter of cultural initiatives in France and abroad, Hip Hop Citoyens also engages in social intervention through educational grants and promoting structured networks of participative projects. For Faya Braz‘s shows, Hip Hop Citoyens will be organizing a documentary screening, a discussion and the actual performance. The performances themselves will be executed in two parts – pure beatboxing and the Loopstation.

Prutha NARKE (Cultural Coordinator, Alliance Française de Bangalore)

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