UBISOFT Gaming Lounge at AF Bangalore

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Officially launched on August 24, 2016, the Ubisoft Gaming Lounge is the first-of-its-kind space in India dedicated exclusively to Ubisoft video-games. The result of a collaboration between Alliance Française de Bangalore and the French gaming giant Ubisoft, the Gaming Lounge was created to promote the burgeoning gaming industry in India and the French “know-how” in this sector. The Ubisoft Gaming Lounge consists of a cozy area of 27 sq. mts. attached to the AF Bangalore library and is equipped with a large TV screen and a Playstation 4. The students can play and discover a rich variety of the latest Ubisoft games whilst learning French in the process.


The presence of the French Ambassador, His Excellency Alexandre Ziegler, along with Mr. Chiranjiv Singh, President of AF Bangalore, during the inauguration ceremony of the Ubisoft Gaming Lounge was not a mere coincidence. France has bet big in the gaming industry since early 2000, recognizing its cultural value and its importance for the economy. Since then, France has implemented a lot of measures to support the development of this industry. Not only is the country internationally-renowned for the quality of its productions, it has also gained widespread recognition as a place where one can pursue a myriad of specialised careers involved in the production of a game. In India, the French government is closely following the development of the games industry.


Jean-Philippe Pieuchot (Managing Director, Ubisoft Pune), Mr. Chiranjiv Singh (President, AF Bangalore) and His Excellency Alexandre Ziegler (Ambassador of France to India) inaugurate the Ubisoft Gaming Lounge at AF Bangalore

Commenting on this development, Mikael de la Fuente, Director of AF Bangalore stated that the Ubisoft Gaming Lounge was created keeping three primary objectives in mind. First and foremost was the opportunity to offer the students of AF Bangalore a different environment where they could access the best games published by Ubisoft. This is an exclusive service to retain them beyond their courses. Through this initiative, AF Bangalore and Ubisoft offer a unique insight into the immense possibilities and opportunities offered by an industry that has overtaken the world. It is important here to note that the revenues generated by the gaming sector are comparable to both the film and music industries. Finally, the Gaming Lounge has an educational purpose. Serious Games are the latest trend in pedagogy and enable the use of videogames as a supplementary tool to the learning process.

Mikael de la Fuente (Director, AF Bangalore) tries his hand at one of the games

Mikael de la Fuente (Director, AF Bangalore) tries his hand at one of the games

Jean-Philippe Pieuchot, Managing Director of the Pune office of Ubisoft, added that the company was proud of its partnership with AF Bangalore. The Ubisoft Pune office was established in 2008 and is one of the most creative video gaming studios in India. With close to 600 employees and teams dedicated to current-gen consoles and F2P mobile games, it targets the international market by creating rich content and collaborating with the best studios in the world. Jean-Philippe Pieuchot emphasised that the main intention behind this collaboration was to bring the best of the gaming world to the company’s Indian fans apart from celebrating the strong relationship between India and France.

HE Alexandre Ziegler tries his hand at the console

HE Alexandre Ziegler tries his hand at the console

We trust that the Gaming Lounge marks the beginning of a long collaboration between Ubisoft and the Alliance Française network in India and Nepal. There is a vast potential to be discovered especially given the AF Network’s commitment to exploring video games as a pedagogic tool for teaching French.

Siddharth Bhatt

AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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