Graphic Design à la française in India

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The école intuit.lab, with its headquarters in Paris, opened its doors in Bombay in 2011. It teaches design along with visual communication and has been exploring digital media for some time.

Given below is an interview with Yan Garin, the institute’s Director of Operations :

Hello Yan, can you please tell us a bit about yourself ? 

My name is Yan Garin and I grew up in the southern suburbs of Paris. I passed a Bac A3 option musique following which I studied Musicology at la Sorbonne, Paris IV. I later started working as a freelance sound recorder , Editor, 3D graphic designer and a documentary-filmmaker.


Yan Garin

Why did you choose to settle in India and specifically in Mumbai ?

Documentary film-making made me travel extensively and gave me a taste of different cultures. I had visited India twice and was immediately enamoured with the country. When I met my wife, an Indian who was visiting Paris at the time, the idea of settling in India came naturally. Since she lived in Mumbai, the city became my primary point of contact with the subcontinent and eventually I decided to stay here permanently.

Can you tell us a bit about école intuit.lab, its mission, its appeal etc.? Why did the Institute choose to open a branch in India and in what ways did it have to adapt itself to the Indian context?

école intuit.lab is an institution dedicated primarily to the field of Design and Communication which is strongly oriented towards the international market. Its mission is to shape high-quality professionals with skills corresponding to the needs of the graphic design, visual communication and digital media sectors. Thanks to its three campuses (Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Bombay) and because of its partner network of 23 universities in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, the institute benefits  from a strong international presence.

Building on its success in France and the recognition it enjoys in the professional world, the institute opened a centre in 2011 in Mumbai – one of the fastest developping cities in Asia – where the needs of skilled professionals in the visual communication sector were particularly pressing. Furthermore, there was no formal structure of global standards which was training professionals to respond to these needs.

Ecole Intuit.lab

Ecole Intuit.lab

Adapting itself to the Indian context is one of the challenges of the institue as it aims to bring French know-how of the domain without sacrificing the aesthetic and cultural qualities of the Indian subcontinent.

We know, because it is a professor of Alliance Française de Bombay which conducts the course,  that your students are also taught French. How is this language an advantage for them?

The importance of French at our institute is visible on several levels. Our students are in permanent contact with international guest speakers, many of whom are French. By speaking even a few words in such a guest’s native tongue, an immediate complicity is established. Sometimes, being able to communicate in French helps because the speaker might not be comfortable in speaking English at all.

Since this year, we offer our students the possibility of passing a semester in France at our campus in Paris or Aix-en-Provence, if their knowledge of French is sufficient. At this moment, we have 2 third-year students in France and we will send 5 students in January. We are also planning to send some second-year students the next year – in all a total of around 15 students per semester.

Quelques étudiants de l'école

Some students of the institute

Every year, we send around 40 students (30 in October and 10 in February) for an educational trip to France – a student benefits far more from this experience if they speak French. We also send 5 or 6 fourth-year students on a regular basis for a four to six month internship in French agencies for whom knowing the language is a prerequisite.

Finally, our students have the possibility of pursuing their Masters (fifth-year) in Paris or Aix-en-Provence where more than half of the courses are taught in French. Add to this the fact that certain students acquire a reasonably high level in the language to pass the DELF exam which is an additional advantage for them when they are looking for a job in India or abroad.

For concluding, what are the projects école intuit.lab (Mumbai) is focussing on in the short and long term ?

We are increasingly focussing on international competitions and real projects for clients. Given that our Institute is known for training professionals who are adept at responding to the needs of the communication industry, such projects guarantee that our students will have the requisite skills when they obtain their degree.

We will also launch a course in “intelligent” photography and a course in 3D design.

Quelques étudiants de l'école

Some students of the institute


Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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