Listening to Linoleum with Vincent Gagliardi

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As part of the Francophonie week, Alliance Française de Delhi will be bringing Vincent Gagliardi‘s mixed-media exhibition to Pune (1st to 7th Feb), Goa (19th to 28th Feb), Trivandrum (3rd to 13th Mar), Delhi (18th to 30th Mar) and Kathmandu (23rd to 31st Mar). Gagliardi‘s work is often compared to that of a child playing without boundaries. His pieces are constructed using everyday materials thereby adding a touch of humour, beauty and poesy to the mundane. While initially experimenting with black and white engravings, Gagliardi eventually chose to create coloured pieces using linoluem sourced from abandoned houses. According to the artist, linoleum still bears traces of the people who once lived in these houses and their experiences. Gagliardi‘s singular technique is similar to block printing but the use of linoleum allows him to obtain unique artistic effects not possible with most woods.

Vincent Gagliardi with one of his works

Vincent Gagliardi with one of his works

Born in 1957 in the Pays Haut in Moselle of Italian immigrant parents, Vincent Gagliardi studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Metz. It was at the Ecole that he discovered engraving and his life took a definite artistic turn. Beyond the spectacular nature of his work lies the constant desire to give material form to ideas.  Over time, he discovered that inking and polishing revealed unexpected qualities in linoleum and that his intervention could magnify its materiality. He thus began to create sculptures which aim to be truer than nature. In revealing their materiality, it is reality itself that Gagliardi reveals. Numerous personal and collective exhibitions have punctuated the different stages of his artistic journey and have enabled him to engage with artists from different countries. Several catalogs, public and private collections bear witness to the same. Much like his life and work, Gagliardi art is a constant work in progress.

"le bord du dernier geste" by Vincent Gagliardi

“le bord du dernier geste” by Vincent Gagliardi


Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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