A Brave New World of Music With Sylvain Rifflet

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Alliance Française de Bangalore recently set the hearts of music aficionados in the subcontinent aflutter when it announced that it was piloting the four-city tour of Sylvain Rifflet in India. The French composer, saxophonist and clarinettist is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. Rifflet has performed or recorded with some of the most celebrated jazz musicians from both sides of the Atlantic and has received several awards including a Victoire du Jazz and a Django d’orHis fellow musicians on the tour bring their unique brand of instrumentation to the table – Benjamin Flament’s percussion mixed with Joce Mienniel’s kalimba and flute, underpinned by Philippe Gordiani’s electric guitar. Together, they create a unique soundscape which sets the band apart and was widely appreciated in Chennai (March 25), Bangalore (March 26), Mumbai (March 30) and Delhi (April 1 and 2). The concerts were organised in partnership with Spedidam.

Sylvain Rifflet

Sylvain Rifflet

Sylvain Rifflet was initially trained by Pascal Dupont followed by Michel Goldberg and Philippe Portejoie. He is a graduate of the prestigious Conservatoire de Paris and has performed with the who’s who of the jazz world (including Riccardo Del Fra, Michel Portal, Aldo Romano, Joey Baron and Hermeto Pascoal amongst others) and with several orchestras (including François Jeanneau’s Pandémonium, the European Jazz Youth Orchestra, Le Sacre du Tympan and the Orchestre National de Jazz). He has also been a resident or an associated artist with Jazz au fil de l’Oise, the Scène nationale of Alençon, the Conservatoire de Besançon and the festivals Banlieues Bleues, Like a Jazz Machine (Luxembourg) and Jazztopad (Poland) amongst others. Quoting Stan Getz as his main saxophonist influence, the composer frequently uses the field of American repetitive and minimalist music for his compositions which mix improvisation, repetition, rupture, bruitism and sometimes even trance.

The band performing at antiSocial in Bombay Photo Credit - Ryan D'Souza

The band performing at antiSocial in Bombay Photo Credit – Ryan D’Souza

Rifflet‘s first album Rockingchair came out in 2007 which was folowed by 1:1 in 2010 and Beaux-Arts for trio and string quartet in 2010. In 2008, he was the recipient of the Best Film Music prize at the Dubai Festival for the original sound track of Le Dernier Maquis. He has also written the music for several documentaries including Sin maïs no hay païs and La grippe du laisser-faire. His talents as a composer were noticed in 2012 after the release of his album Alphabet.  He subsequently published two albums on behalf of the label Jazz Village namely Perpetual Motion – a celebration of Moondog (2014) and Mechanics (2015). For the latter, Sylvain Rifflet conceived his music as a kind of utopia – a metaphorical vision of an imagined future which creates a dream-like and disconcerting post-rock atmosphere. In short, a true sensory delight for music lovers who had the chance of seeing him and his band perform in person!

A teaser of Rifflet‘s album Mechanics can be found here :

Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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