And off to France she goes !

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The winner of the India-Nepal leg of the 2017 edition of Dis-Moi Dix mots is Srutha Keerthi Tangella – a talented student from Alliance Française Hyderabad.

Visuel Francophonie

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Her entry – a video inspired by the 10 words shortlisted for this year’s edition of the competition – has won her a return flight ticket to Paris! An interview with her is reproduced below :

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I recently graduated from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad where I had pursued a Masters in Aviation Law and Air Transport Management. Currently, I’m eagerly awaiting my convocation ceremony in July. Earlier, I had pursued a Bachelor’s in Technology in Aeronautics from Hyderabad as well. Along with my studies, I’m very inclined towards learning anything related to Art and Culture. I’m very fond of dancing and have performed several times on stage in my city and choreographed for dance events. Futhermore, I love to travel and to go on treks.

The winner Srutha Keerthi Tangella flanked by Aude-Emeline Loriot Nurbianto (Director, AF Delhi and  AF Hyderabad) on the left and Jean-François Ramon (Directeur Alliance Française de New Delhi / Délégué Général des AF en Inde et au Népal

The winner Srutha Keerthi Tangella flanked by Aude-Emeline Loriot Nurbianto (Director, AF Hyderabad) on the left and Jean-François Ramon (Director, AF Delhi and Délégué Général of the AFs in India and Nepal)

Why did you choose to study French at AF Hyderabad?

I am a cultural enthusiast and European culture and languages have always intrigued me. So, I decided to pursue higher education in Europe. I chose France in particular because of the strong Aviation background that the language offers. Furthermore, I found French very advantageous as it is  spoken widely. Alliance Française of Hyderabad was a natural choice as it provides quality professors, a well-stocked library, a rich cultural space and supportive management.

How did you hear about the competition Dis-moi dix mots and what motivated you to participate in the same?

I was pursuing the DELF B2 level at AF Hyderabad when the competition Dis-moi dix mots was announced. The news was circulated amongst all the students and we were encouraged to participate. I love capturing photos, videos and editing. Given the long association that I have with AF Hyderabad, my professors motivated me to create a video for the competition. Et voilà, that’s how I came up with this idea.


Can you please tell us how the 10 words for this year’s competition inspired you to make the video? How did you incorporate these words in the same?

Initially, after looking into the meaning of the ten words, I had a much more grandiose idea of creating a video with some visual effects . But I had no time because of my busy schedule and hence decided to keep it simple yet effective. I noticed that each word incorporated several meanings. For example, the word ‘nuage’ could mean the Cloud (memory storage) on Internet, hot steam coming out of your coffee cup, a thinking dialog box  or simply a cloud in the sky.

So, instead of explaining each of these meanings, I first captured the definitions from my Dixel dictionary and downloaded three images which best represented each word so that they could do the talking instead. Then, I took the template of a book and used the turning page effect from Photolab (app available on iStore) and added the images of the definitions that I had clicked. Finally, I integrated all of these together in a single video by using GoPro (app available on iStore) on my iPad. I chose the background score to give the video a retro feel. I uploaded the final video on YouTube and gave it some finishing touches. Honestly, this is the first video that I have ever made which I shared online. The video clip can be found here :

What are you most looking forward to doing in France?

I already have an admission letter from the University of ENAC (École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile) and will be studying in Toulouse (France) for the next year starting from September. I will be studying Advanced Masters in Air Transport Management at ENAC and I am very excited about the program. I am looking forward for this opportunity and wish to make the best out of it.

Apart from learning French, in your opinion how important is it to participate in the cultural activities being organised by Alliance Française?

I think the idea of learning any language should not just consist of learning the rules and grammar associated with the same. One should be able to immerse oneself in the language to progress – only then is it going to be a worthy experience! The activities organized at AF Hyderabad are conducted with the same intention. They are indeed just as important as the classroom sessions. During my time at the institute, I attended several movie screenings, music concerts, Bastille Day Celebrations, reading sessions and other such activities. This enabled me to meet people who shared similar interests and I made friends with many French expatriates. This helped me envision my life in France and now I am much more comfortable amongst French people. I feel genuinely proud to be a part of the French network in India. After all, I only got a chance to participate in this interview because I was a part of the cultural activities at AF Hyderabad!

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Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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