Learning 2.0 with Alliance Française’s New Online Tool

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Announced in 2015 by the Fondation Alliance Française, the pedagogic aspect of the project Alliance 2020 aims – amongst other things – at evolving the courses offered and the recurring training of Alliances Françaises around the world by using digital technology.

By proposing an online tool for distance learning, the Fondation AF wishes to provide a common, effective and professional Learning Management System under the brand name Alliance Française. The tool is meant to optimise learning and corresponds to the practices of the public in a world which is heavily connected and technology-driven. This initiative also demonstrates, in an increasingly competitive market for language-learning, the dynamism and the modernity of the Alliance Française brand.

Twenty Alliances Françaises around the world are participating in the testing phase of this project. In India, this list includes Alliance Française de Bombay and Alliance Française de Madras – two Alliances which have always been at the forefront of innovative projects related to digital technologies.

Teaching the teachers with Lucas Pruet (standing)

Lucas Pruet (standing in the center) along with representatives from the Alliances of Bombay, Delhi, Bhopal, Pune and Calcutta

It is in this context that AF Bombay hosted the first training offered by the Fondation Alliance Française on using the online tool. Representatives (including teachers, Directors and Academic Directors) from the Alliances Françaises of Delhi, Bengal, Pune, and Bhopal also attended the same.

The sessions were conducted by Lucas Pruet (Incharge of Pedagogy and Digital Innovations at Fondation Alliance Française) and allowed the participants to understand the concept of enriched live-classes along with teaching them how to effectively navigate the online learning tool.

The online platform provides multiple functionalities. To begin with, it is structured as a social network on which learners and teachers can interact in French in the form of discussions in virtual classrooms whilst incorporating diverse media (images, videos, audio files and hyperlinks) to enrich these conversations.

Another innovative functionality is the possibility of proposing enriched live-classes which permit learners to participate in auto-corrective, interactive and social activities online in conjunction with and as a complement to their actual classes. The platform also allows teachers to rigorously follow-up on the progress of each student thanks to a dashboard of the entire class displaying their results.


The teaching staff of AF Madras with Lucas Pruet (in the center)

The objective then, from November 2017 onwards, is to train teachers – from those Alliances within the India Nepal network who wish to integrate these enhanced live classes in their pedagogic practices – on how to effectively use the different functionalities of the platform.

The flexible nature of the platform allows for a wide range of possibilities. It is for this reason that it is highly probable that a hybrid course (50% live interaction / 50% online) will probably be created to meet the rising demands of those learners who wish to pursue similar modules.

Elie Lopez

Centre Head of the Santacruz Branch

Alliance Française de Bombay

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