AF Ahmedabad launches an environmentally conscious Boomerang

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We live in a world in which environmental degradation, large-scale extinction and unprecedented climate change are not textbook concepts but lived realities. It is imperative that we, as a species, join hands to combat these problems before it is too late. Both France and India recognise the seriousness of the threat and have been long-term collaborators for combating climate change. It is in this context that the eco-fest Boomerang has been launched.

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Structured as a three-month festival, Boomerang is a collaborative effort of several institutions, companies and individuals who have come together with Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad to present a series of thought provoking events. The objective is to better understand the need for sustainable development whilst exploring the roots of the current global scenario. Contemporary practices will also be compared to traditional practices in the hope of eventually finding local solutions.

Given the fact that sustainability is a multi-faceted concept, each month will feature events focusing on a different theme. The overall aim is to encourage reflection and critical thinking through different domains and arts. More than 20 events have been scheduled for September, October and November around the themes Food and Agriculture, Urbanism and Sustainable Living, and Education and Arts respectively.

Boomerang was inaugurated on September 8, 2017 with a panel discussion entitled Sustainability in India. The panel comprised of Dr. Patrick French (Dean of the Department of Arts and Sciences, Ahmedabad University and famous author cum historian who has done extensive research on India), Purvi Vyas (environment consultant, professor and organic farmer), François Bouderlique (former banker from France who has become an eco-farmer in Bhuj with his wife) and Abhijeet Chandel (architect and founder of the Indo-Spanish organisation Architecture with Difference which studies settlements and encourages active participation of the public in social life). These panelists were carefully chosen to bring different perspectives to the table.

The entire festival will be documented in words, images and videos for future reference. A dedicated live blog will be regularly updated with all the findings from each event and will be publicly shared. A film will also be produced at the end of the festival on what the denizens of Ahmedabad think of Sustainable Development and how they can change the functioning of the city.

Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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