Taking the audience on an EleKtriP!

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We live in a world of blurred boundaries – the distinctions between genres are becoming increasingly permeable as artists give free reign to their imagination. Musicians are no exception to this rule and are consciously exploring new auditory horizons. EleKtriP is one such band which leans heavily towards a jazzy-fusion groove. Steering clear of labels, the quartet focuses on creating an eclectic and energetic music coupled with strong vocals. With Adrien Coulomb on the electric bass, Ludovic Pradarelli on the keys, Antoine Muller on the drums and Benjamin Guimbert on the electric guitar, this motley group offers a unique and electrifying musical experience. The band recently performed in Bangalore (Oct 6), Pune (Oct 8), Amritsar (Oct 12), Chandigarh (Oct 14), Dehradun (Oct 16) and Kathmandu (Oct 18) thanks to the tour organised by Alliance Française de Pune in collaboration with DGAF Inde-Népal and Spedidam.


Adrien Coulomb has a Diploma EMEN (the first European Diploma of Jazz music), conducts workshops at the IMFP, frequently collaborates with local musicians, and has been a part of various jazz and other formations. Ludovic Pradarelli has been a professional musician since 2009 and performed on more than 500 important stages. He has also been certified by the Conservatoire de Marseille and has been a Professor of the piano since 2010 at the L’école de Musique de L’isle sur La Sorgue (Vaucluse). After studying Jazz at the Conservatoire de musique at Avignon, Antoine Muller taught drums at the Ecole municipale à Caissargues, Allegro and has played at various festivals. A musician and teacher of drums, Benjamin Guimbert studied the Jazz Guitar at the IMFP. After obtaining the FNEIJMA certification and his studies at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Marseille and the CEFEDEM, Benjamin played as part of various formations at a number of festivals. The artists initially met while at the IMFP (Provence) in 2004 and shared a few stages together as part of different projects. In 2015, they decided to form EleKtriP with original compositions by Benjamin Guimbert along with a few covers.

This daring hybrid project had audiences dancing to their tunes in no time! A taste of their unique brand of music can be found here :

Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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