AF Network logs into Digital November!

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It goes without saying that digital technologies have transformed how people communicate, learn, create and work. France is a global leader in the field of digital technology and is at the forefront of online creation. It recognises the strategic importance of these technologies – not just as a vector for the diffusion of culture but also as a tool for unlimited creativity and exchange. Small wonder then that Institut Français de Paris has decided to showcase these digital technologies, along with the remarkable impact they have had on our lives, through a unique initiative called Novembre Numérique.

A series of transdisciplinary events will be organised every November in collaboration with the French cultural cooperation network overseas, including the Alliances Françaises around the world, to celebrate Novembre Numérique. The main goal is to facilitate access to these new modes of digital knowledge, art and culture for the general public whilst building bridges between French and foreign talent engaged in these fields. In the process, people will discover fresh content, new technologies and exciting new ways in which these technologies can be deployed.



For the 2017 edition of Novembre Numérique, several events will be organised throughout the world keeping four keywords in mind – (dé)coder [to (de)code], jouer [to play], créer [to create], and penser [to think]. The Institut Français in India and the network of Alliances in India and Nepal has incorporated Novembre Numérique in the framework of Bonjour India and has a slew of programs lined up fron November 18 to November 30.

Of particular note is the digital exhibition French Touch de la webcréation which will present a wide variety of smartphone applications and audiovisual webcreations based on narrative processes that integrate the specificities of the Internet. The presented works testify to the creativity of French artists in terms of the technologies used in the narrative, the diversification of the tools of dissemination, and the inventiveness of the narrative modes.


FrenchTouch_presentation_public_EN-Extension2017 copy

Click here to discover the full program of French Touch of Webcreation


The AF India Nepal network will also organise Makey Makey workshops, Scratch Workshops, Pixel Art Workshops, Serious Gaming Workshops, Presentations of the online learning tool of the Fondation AF, Presentations of Culturethèque, Educamps FLE TICE and Meetings/Debates/Hackathons as part of Novembre Numérique 2017.

To participate in Novembre Numérique, contact your nearest Alliance Française!

Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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