All That Jazz at Gurgaon!

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The French polymath Boris Vian aptly claimed that Sans le Jazz, la vie serrait une erreur i.e. Without Jazz, life would be a mistake! This particular genre of music, which originated in late 19th Century America, has steadily grown in popularity and captured the hearts of music aficionados around the world. No surprise then that the jazz band The Fraboni Quartet struck a chord with the audience at a concert at Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Gurugram on October 28, 2017.

The Fraboni Quartet

The Fraboni Quartet

The Fraboni Quartet is a part of the initiative Europe Meets India which is spearheaded by the drummer Mateo Fraboni (a Jazz musician from Italy). This initiative is meant to promote collaborations between Italian, French and Indian Contemporary Jazz musicians. Mateo met the other band members during the course of his travels. Pranai Gurung (Guitar) and Abhinav Khokhar (Bass) are extremely popular in the Indian Jazz circuit. Loic Sanlaville (Guitar) hails from France and has been living in India for the past couple of years as an active participant of the music community. Together, they have been apart of several important music festivals in India including the Udaipur World Music Festival, Jazz Utsav, Pushkar, Bhopal Khumb Mela, Madras Jazz Festival, and the Sunaparanta Love Festival Goa since December 2014.

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The Fraboni Quartet  have also played at B-Flat Bangalore, Shisha’ Jazz Club Pune, and many other such venues apart from collaborating with the Alliance Française and the Italian Cultural Embassy. During these tours, the Fraboni’s quartet have worked with many traditional and and contemporary musicians from India like Nathoolal Solanky and Sharat Chandra Srivastava. They have performed as a duo, trio or quintet and conducted innumberable workshops and jam sessions. During the concert at Gurugram, the warmly lit terrace reverberated with soft symphonies. The quartet serenaded the audience on a beautiful Saturday night with their Jazz & Blues compositions and left them begging for more!  A short clip of this performance can be found here :

Nikita Arora
Cultural Communications Intern
Alliance Française de Delhi, Gurgaon

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