Mirrors of The Soul at AF Bengale

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Over the years, Alliance Française du Bengale has carved a niche for itself in the metropolis of Kolkata. Apart from being a French language-learning institute of repute, the organisation is also recognised as an active and engaged cultural centre. It is within this framework that the ambitious Theatre Adda program was launched in collaboration with Culture Monks in 2014. This monthly series of events consists of unique sessions of theatre, performance art, music, and storytelling. The May 2018 edition of the same brought the critically-acclaimed Mirrors of the Soul – Memory, History, and Trauma by Soti Ramapati Dwivid (Soti Rpd) to the city.


A still from the performance of ‘Mirrors of the Soul’ at AF Bengale

Mirrors of the Soul is a contemporary, postmodern performance developed by Soti Rpd by melting western traditions and practices with oriental techniques derived from Kuddiyattam, Beijing Opera, Noh, Wayang Wong, and Kalaripayattu. Essentially, the “adult” and “professional” identity of a performer is juxtaposed with the more “childlike” and “innocent” identity of a past memory. The further the performer exhibits his physical prowess, the more the “story” becomes disengaged, offering an insightful spectacle of spatial, emotional and psychological tensions. The protagonist, who grows up in a small village in rural India, is heralded into a developed urban world which nudges him to forget his roots and efface his past to partake in the hedonism of modernity. A few glimpses of the performance can be found here :

Soti developed the 45-minute long solo performance at the Intercultural Theatre Institute (Singapore) from where he has a Professional Diploma in Intercultural Theatre Acting. He has also received a Master of Performing Arts with a distinction in Theatre Arts from the University of Hyderabad along with a Master of Arts in Hindi from the M. J. P. Rohilkhand University in Bareilly. Soti has trained under several internationally reputed and distinguished teachers and is published in the Contemporary Performance Almanac 2017 – the world’s largest contemporary performance network publication. He is the Artistic Director of M.L. Ramanad Theatre Foundation in India and Co-Founder cum Director of Theatre Incorporate in Singapore. Currently, he works internationally as a freelance artist.

Soti Rpd getting ready for the show

Soti Rpd getting ready for the show

Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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