Inspiring Change at AF Trivandrum

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Artistic collaborations are known to push creative boundaries and to catalyse change in an artist’s practice. A collaborative performance hence acquires an altogether different dimension when it is created with the explicit purpose of inspiring change – not just amongst the artists themselves but also in the larger public consciousness. Alliance Française de Trivandrum recently had the pleasure of enabling such a creative encounter when it piloted a series of performances of the production ‘Be the Change’ in Trivandrum (June 21), Chennai (June 23), Bangalore (June 25), Chandigarh (June 27), and Delhi (June 29).

The performers on stage

The performers on stage

‘Be the change’ is structured as a confluence of two cultures to create a visual and musical extravaganza. The production features the band kARNATRiix (comprising of John Anthony as the guitarist cum composer, Rahul C R as the bassist, and Akhil J Chand as the vocalist) along with Claire Le Michel as the singer, choreographer, and dancer. The musical compositions are a blend of different traditions from the Orient and the West. Similarly, the dance is an amalgamation of different forms. The guiding thread of the performance is the relationship of Nature to its own nature and the search for peace.


Claire Le Michel mesmerises the crowd

The foundation of the performance was laid back in February 2017 when John Anthony and Claire Le Michel met in Trivandrum. The initiative was supported by François Grosjean (Director, AF Trivandrum) and the project became a full-fledged show in May 2018 when the artists met again for a second session. The performance starts in darkness to pay homage to gurus with Sanskrit Mantra Chants melting into kARNATRiix‘s song “Angels Dust”. Through the course of the show, the audience witnesses the transition from dawn to dusk to present different emotions. These are backed by the sounds of nature and short French poems. The design of the stage and the lighting is handled by Claire along with Sylvain Dufour.

The kARNATRiix‘s song “Angels Dust” which is part of the performance can be found here :

Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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