‘Through Feminism’ at AF Hyderabad

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Alliance Française de Hyderabad recently had the pleasure of hosting ‘Through Feminism’ – an exhibition comprising of a series of acrylics on canvas by the Mumbai-based painter Samar Singh. Inaugurated by the renowned artist Sanjay Ashtaputre, the exhibition generated a lot of buzz amongst the art connoisseurs of the city and was kept open for public viewing from June 7 to June 14. The paintings on display represented the artist’s meditations on the modern Indian woman – the quintessential nari.

The artist Samar Singh Thakur

The artist Samar Singh Thakur

The artworks featured oblong faces flowing into slender long necks inspired by the famous bust of the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The exclusion of some features, prominently eyes or lips, is an eccentricity that serves as the identifying factor of Samar’s work. The artist is interested in exploring how women mask their discontentment with makeup or adornments. Samar represents these by liberally using decorative forms like swirls on the female figures in his works. Another prominent feature is the firm set of the lips in a straight line, drawing attention to the lack of a smile.

The painting 'Family' by the artist

The painting ‘Family’ by the artist

Samar has over 30 years of artistic experience – a fact reflected in the deep understanding of colour and composition exhibited in his work. His paintings are awash with complementary colours ranging from ochre yellows and Persian blues to brick reds and lavenders speckled with gold. The goal is to balance the frame so that the viewer’s eye roams the entire picture instead of being fixated at one point. The paintings also incorporate some personal influences including the illegible scribbles of a child still learning to write, a nod to his son. The highlight of the exhibition was a 3D stand-out piece that housed four heads made from paper pulp. These sported his signature swirls glued onto jute patches to play on textures. Another lone piece was a set of nine paintings of side profiles reminiscent of Pahari paintings with a hint of abstraction.

Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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