For Edith Piaf

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"For Edith Piaf" by Nathalie Mentha

On the occasion of Francophony Month celebrations, the Fanatika Theatre Club of Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad in collaboration with the consulate of Switzerland has invited the Swiss artist Nathalie Mentha to present her solo performance “For Edith Piaf”.

The performance is a musical journey in the France of 30s and 50s through Edith Piaf’s songs and an attempt to revive the period ambience through stories of women in love, French gangsters and stories of passions, dreams and memories.
Nathalie says, “It is the tale of a period, 1939, a historical moment highly alive through all Europe. It is the period of Jacques Prévert’s poetry, of Cartier-Bresson’s photography, of Jean Cocteau’s theatre tales, of the coming of the Second World War which destroys so many families, of the songs for Charlie Chaplin’s films, of the images of the characters of De Sica’s film “Roma Città Aperta, of the French Resistance, of the struggle for life, for love.” For the audience in Ahmedabad, it is perhaps for the first time an opportunity to acquaint with the details of Europe, especially of France of this period through a theatrical performance.
She adds, “The performance theme, the soul which ties the stories, and maybe more Edith Piaf’s soul seems to be: don’t ever stop believing in love, whatever happens.”
This performance is presented in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in India, New Delhi and this is the first international collaboration of Fanatika Theatre Club since its beginning in June 2010.

Date: 17 March 2012
Time: 8:00 pm
Venue: R. V. Pathak Auditorium, Gujarati Sahitya Parishad

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