The OZMA fever in India

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It catches you, holds you tight and grows stronger in you…! And you don’t want to get rid of it. Their magic of music is indescribable, their tunes are finest and their performance mind-blowing. The audience did not stop shouting “encore” after every numbers. Indeed, they carried us “far away from our seats”.

The OZMA residency at Darpana with Carnatic musicians was a real bi-lateral artistic exchange. While the Carnatic musicians from Darpana worked on learning the Western tunes and notations, the OZMA had intensive sessions understanding Indian ragas, beats and especially the way they count it. Jugalbandhi is not news to Indian audiences but the OZMA meets Darpana concert was an exceptional and innovative  jugalbandhi of four different artistic expressions which included Bharat Natyam and Kathak dance forms too.

A well-known art-critic from Ahmedabad Mr. S. D. Desai quotes on the fusion concert by OZMA and Darpana, “Music has only one language recognized by the ear. Its notes from two different genres so merged – one would imagine the Seine and the Ganges converging – it created moments when, if you closed your eyes and only listened, it was difficult to tell one instrument from another. Saxophone and drums paid obeisance to the slow elegance of the vocalist and the vocalist pierced the sky when the French instrument, along with their Indian counter parts, were in the element.”

Mr. Philippe Martin, the director of the Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad and the architect of this artistic residency says that he would love this performance to tour in France. It is only then that the true exchange will take place. The Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad, Darpana and OZMA are planning to take the performance in France in summer 2013 ‘to jazz’ the French audiences.


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