Rendez-Vous with Shorts in AF du Bengale

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Shamiana? What are you talking about? Shamiana is Asia’s largest short movie club as is it followed in over twenty countries and it reaches out to over four million people across multiple cities of India and other countries. It showcased over five thousand of short films from all over the world including Oscar winners, National Award winners and Golden Globe winners.

Passionate about short movies, the organizers main goal is to introduce people to short movies from India as well as from all around the world. It will soon be getting into the production of its own.

Quiet signs of love

Srinanda Bose, who works with Shamiana, has discovered the Alliance Francaise du Bengale totally accidently: one day, a Wednesday, she went to the cine-club and watched a movie there, and then she thought she could introduce Shamiana to the Alliance. The partnership began on the 18th of August 2012, when they were invited on the Alliance Francaise du Bengale’s premises to screen their best selection of short movies. France, India, Australia, all these countries were gathered to satisfy all the tastes of the movie lovers.

Indeed, the audience could have been touched with Quiet Signs of Love, a 15 minutes movie about the love of two handicapped teenagers, one who is deaf, the other who has got difficulties to understand her world. With the French animation Imago, one could return in the innocence of its childhood, because it is the story of a young boy who is daydreaming of riding a helicopter.

How difficult is it not to laugh in front of Hot and Fast, a six minutes short movie that deals with the future and how everything will be computerized?Or not to be scared in front of Black and White? A nine minutes piece of art in black and white directed by Karthik Subbaraj which tells the story of a random man who was given a camera that takes deadly pictures.

Karaamat’, is the Muslim word to definite a miracle. In this short movie, a young man accidently turns the river into sweet water. He will be considered like a hero. How can a simple robbery have such benefic consequences for all the people of a village? Aman Sachdeva makes the audience question himself on the repercussion of his actions.

From one movie to another, it is very easy to enter in the director’s universe. The colors of the short movies, the dialogues of the characters, the music, and the ambiance, all are combined to facilitate the journey of the public within the first seconds.

To conclude, it was a great pleasure for Alliance Francaise du Bengale to work with Shamiana, the partnership will continue: rendez-vous on Saturday 29 September 2012, in Khaleel Munzil for more surprises.

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