French opening with FLY!

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For the 3rd edition of Ahmedabad International Arts Festival, the network of Alliances françaises in India brought FLY! as the curtain-raiser concert to give a French touch to city’s only multi-disciplinary art festival.

FLY! Project - Photo by Vinay Panjwani

Ahmedabad International Arts Festival is becoming more and more popular every year with its extravagant calendar of inter-disciplinary art events at both conventional and unconventional venues in the city. Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad, a regular partner of the festival, has brought versatile events every year: an experimental theatre performance in five languages through its Fanatika Theatre Club in 2010, artworks of French artists Soazic Guezzenec on city billboards in 2011 and, in collaboration of the network of Alliances françaises in India and Institut Français en Inde,  FLY! project– a beautiful melange of electro-acoustic and video projections in form of a concert.

FLY! is special because the scintillating sound of piano is recorded live and transformed electronically only to reproduce again immediately. This reproduction is played on the spot to give the pianist spontaneous beats to improvise and play on it again. Quite surprisingly, the piano replays  the sounds it generated a while ago and transformed electronically ! This musical jam is rendered buoyant with mind-blowing visual projections. Several net-curtains suspended from above to create a bubble-like impression surround the artists. A brilliant and original videography succeeds in giving the audience an impression of a world emerging out and the musicians are at the centre of it.

FLY! Project - Photo by Vinay Panjwani

Natarani, the amphitheatre where this concert took place, was jam-packed and many couldn’t make it as there was simply no room. Anupa Mehta, the festival director, elanced “A fabulous beginning! What a turn out!” The trio of FLY! is on tour in India and was touched by the receptive and sensitive audience of Ahmedabad who is not well-acquainted with this genre of music.

The French jazz band FLY! is on tour in India with the network of Alliances Françaises. Look them up as the dish out an amalgamation of electro-jazz sounds and visuals in your city!

In Alliances Françaises in Inda  in October 2012

FLY! was selected by Le Monde as one of the top ten jazz albums in 2010. Laurent de Wilde, the most electro among the French jazz pianists and Otisto 23, sound Engineer, a master chef in improvisation are accompanied on stage by Nico Tico, a virtuoso videographer and a founder member of XLR project. The image that the latter creates in real time literally encompasses the musicians on stage and is totally in sync with this intuitive and organic genre of music.
With an enjoyable grouping of structuring and restructuring of piano sounds, Laurent de Wilde and Otisto 23 dive headlong into a conversation that intensifies into an orb of pure sound or fine tunes to such an extent that it transforms into the infinitesimal and the undecipherable.
With the experience acquired from their first album PC Pieces, de Wilde and Otisto take wings to explore freedom that the experience of both the stage and studio has taught them. With his piano Laurent creates sounds – keyboard, strings, felt, wood and metal, sounds that scratch, scrap and thump to provide a wide range of sonic material that Otisto samples on his computer. He then loops, processes and shapes them somewhat before sending them back to Laurent who answers with a whole set of new sounds… It is in this way that the music develops and evolves.
Now more intuitive, their music draws more from the piano and the electronic source. Songs ensue to reveal a computer that is sensitive, dexterous and dependent on a piano that is minimalistic, yet brilliant. FLY! takes us on a journey and invites us to listen in to our inner selves that defies gravity that dreams of taking off to higher planes with a swish of wings, fuelled by the personal and the cherished conversation that music has with itself.

[Full Rhizome / Gazebo / DTC Records / Distribution : L’Autre Distribution]

In French about FLY!

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