The Indian Tempest – East meets West

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Footsbarn Travelling Theatre Group

In a hall packed with people of all walks of life, theatre scaled new heights with the “The Indian Tempest”, transcending language and cultural barriers when Prospero, Miranda, Ariel and Ferdinand came to life, enthralling the theatre lovers of Trivandrum. It was two hours of drama, when the actors personified the spirits, monsters and characters in an imaginary island of ‘The Tempest’.

To bring Shakespeare closer to the hearts of Keralites,  Prospero, the lead character opened the play with his verses in Sanskrit. The major part of the play was in English but the emotional outbursts and universal truths were expressed in Malayalam and Sanskrit. It sounded somewhat like,“We are such stuff as dreams are blended beautifully with “Poornamadha, Poornamidham…

The magic in Shakespeare’s original play was well enhanced in its Indian adaptation. It was interesting to see the marriage ceremony of Miranda and Ferdinand being conducted by “l’indien” with dance and music. Even a “theyyam”, a traditional art form of North Kerala representing the local deity was presented to bless the couple. The bride, blushing and eluding the romantic advances of the bridegroom brought an Indian touch to the characters. The musicians deserve special applause as their magic cast a spell over the audience. Storm and calm, sentiments and comedy were expressed naturally through the music of Chandran Veyattummal and Kasia Klebba. As for the actors, their performance went beyond words, professionalism reaching perfection in every word and gesture. Only the art form of theatre can bring about the tempo and dynamism of a story to its full capacity.

The Indian Tempest

Across the seven seas
Abhinaya Theatre Reseach Centre was born in 1992 in Trivandrum under the initiative of two theater enthusiasts, D.Reghoothaman and S.Ajayan. With the main objective of creating a space or platform where theatre artists from every social stratum can discover their potential and develop their individual talents, Abhinaya continues its long and successful journey even across the ocean. They have a long collaboration with the famous Footsbarn Travelling Theatre Group based in France and Alliance Française de Trivandrum. For The Indian Tempest, five members of this group, D.Reghoothaman, Shaji Karyatt, Gopalakrishnan and Kani Kusruti and Chandran Veyattummal, took a very active role right from it’s conceptual stage. Alliance Française was in charge of its publicity work.

The Footsbarn Travelling Theatre based in Alliers in Central France is an immensely talented group who has performed in theatres throughout the world. Over a period of forty years, they have organised numerous plays and workshops and have produced nearly sixty plays blending visual theatre, music and theatrical techniques.They have been collaborating with Abhinaya since 1994 and The Indian Tempest is yet another feather in the cap for this multi-national group for whom literally “all the world’ is a stage”. Kerala has been repeatedly enjoying the privilege of seeing their plays since  the performance of “Perchance to Dream” took place  in Trivandrum in 2005.

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Directeur de publication : Délégation Générale de la Fondation Alliance Française en Inde et au Népal

Rédacteur en chef : Laurent Elisio Bordier

Rédacteur/Coordinateur national : Siddharth Bhatt

Rédacteurs, contributeurs : Guillaume, Abhirami, Alexandre, Chintan, Cléa, David, Eleonore, Elie, Kanika, Karine, Nita, Thomas, Malvika, Marie-Joëlle, Meera, Mayuri, Mitushi, Alice, Prutha, Romain, Ritika, Manas, Supriya ...