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The Foundation Alliance Française had organized an international photography contest (Metiers du Monde) from 27th September 2012 to 20th January 2013. This contest with the theme ‘Jobs of the World’ was a huge success with the participation of 167 Alliance Française of 74 countries of five continents. (
Two of the finalists from India, Swarat Ghosh and Ajit Bhadoriya talk about their reactions and inspirations with Afmagazine.

The build up by Swarat Ghosh

The Foundation Alliance Française in Paris recently declared the winners of ‘Metiers du Monde’, an international photography contest and to our delight, we have two Indians passing with the flying colors in the contest. Every participant was allowed to send two photos.
Being held worldwide, this contest was carried out at different levels. At the basic level, every participating Alliance Française held a competition at local level and with the help of the learned juries, finalized one winner. This entry of the local winner with his two photos was sent to the Foundation Alliance Française as an entry to next level for the further examination by the juries in Paris. At the end of the procedure, along with one Grand Prize Winner, 44 photos were short listed for the group exhibition to be displayed during the 2013 International Symposium of the Alliance française at a Parisian venue by the Foundation Alliance Française.
Well, this was not all!  The selected winning entries were decided to be printed in a specialized arts and photography magazine. After having completed all this tiring procedure, now is the time to sit back and celebrate the success earned by two of our Indian participants.

Making Gods by Swarat Ghosh

Swarat Ghosh, candidate of Alliance Française de Hyderabad stood second in this international contest with his photos having selected for the magazine. When we interviewed him, this IT professional explained the ideas behind his winning photos. His first winning photo is titled as ‘Build up’. This is the photo taken when the theatre artists get ready before the performance. It speaks about “Surabhi”; a local theatre group in Hyderabad which is more than 125 years old. Its specialty lies in its members aging from five months to 80 years. Another important feature of this group is that all its 60-70 members come from the same family! For Swarat Ghosh, this photo is an expression of hard work done by these artists to sustain the local art form. The second photo by Swarat is titled as ‘Making of God’. This photo captures the local artisans of  Kumartuli in the north Kolkata, engrossed in making the unique idols of Hindu gods and goddesses. Kolkata, already very famous for its devotion in the goddess “Kalimata” is a house to many creative potters and artisans. Swarat Ghosh recalls his random stroll from the happening lanes of Kumartuli on one fine day and a sudden urge to capture the beautiful visual effect created by the dark-dull shadows on one side and live, vibrant colours on the other. His enthusiasm pops out in his comment he made to conclude the interview, saying, “I really look forward to know what is more in the pipeline!

Path makers by Ajit Bhadoriya

Our second achiever is the young student of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Ajit Bhadoriya, candidate of Alliance Française de Bombay has one of his photos selected in the final 44 photos from all over the world. When interviewed by us, Ajit Bhadoriya revealed the thought process behind his creation. The two winning entries chosen to be sent to Paris are a part of his photo series, called as ‘Path Makers’.  In both his photos, Ajit Bhadoriya has captured the miserable life of construction workers migrating from all over the country to cities in order to earn their bread and butter. Having migrated from rural and underprivileged areas, these workers put their life in risk through the harsh labour tasks. His first photo captures a worker performing the task of drilling without the basic machinery. To Ajit’s credit, his first photo takes the viewers to that construction site of Commonwealth Games, 2010 in Delhi and makes them a part of the scene there. His second photo captures the welding task undertaken by the construction workers on one of the venues built for Commonwealth Games, 2010 in Delhi. The fact of these workers putting their life on risk while welding without the safety harness or any other safety machinery is the heart of this picture, and it beats loud enough to be felt !

When asked about his reaction on being selected as one of the  final 44, Ajit Bhadoriya feels optimistic about the positive attention this international success would draw towards the issue of migrant construction workers. Ajit signs off saying, “I hope the exposure received by this burning and sensitive issue will improve the living conditions of these workers.

Interview by Sanyogita Zadkar

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