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Festival of France

A review written by Oiendrila Moitra. A show of video art in India is indeed a phenomenon. In a country where we still find art practice in the modernist trends more viable, such exhibitions are no doubt a refreshment of conceptual and perceptual understandings for us. And thanks to the French Embassy, Institut Français en Inde, Alliance Française de Delhi, the CNAP and Lalit Kala Academy for organizing and presenting the show.

Video Galaxy”, as the exhibition is entitled, is a show consisting of videography, mono-tapes, video projections and installations by twelve young and established French artists from the collection of CNAP, the French National Centre of Visual Arts. In the contemporary scenario of art, the practice has shifted majorly from the traditional and modernist approach to representation of ideas through the varied use of mediums. Technology being one of the main mediums of expression and communication in today’s world, it is also being used by the artists to re-tell their own stories and share their own ideas. This show is a wonderful example of this fact. The video installations showcased in this show are representative of the diverse aesthetic trends of contemporary creation.

Works of artists like Ziad Antar, Bertille Bak, Dominique Gonzalez – Foester, Marcus Kreiss, Jacques Jlien, Cedric Eymenier, Camille Henrot, Alexandre Perigot, Joao Onofre, Hugues Reip and Ange Leccia are displayed in the gallery. The works are versatile and varied, each of them representing different ideas and outlooks. If some of the works have a comical innuendo in them, some others have satirical significances. Some videos have high degree of technicality in them while the others are workshop oriented, script-oriented and filmed. Surreal and real mended together and represented through strong or subtle audio and visual makes a proper videography; all the works in the show satisfy this condition successfully.

Ziad Antar’s work, “The Turkish March” has undercurrents of emptiness and absence. He has produced an art of the “little” which often takes the form of an allegory of memory. In this particular rhetorical image he experimented with sound processing through images, in the absence of music. When music is alternated by a sound, the whole representation can change, sometimes conceptually. The basic idea of the work is letting know the viewer their actual situation of existentialism, where they stand, what they see, and what they hear.

Safeguard Emergency Light System

Safeguard Emergency Light System - (c) Bertille Bak

Bertille Bak’s work “Safeguard Emergency light system” is a workshop-based videography. The video is of a group of threatened residents of the Din Daeng district in Bangkok. The residents, for retaining their freedom of expression of the revolt have taken up the form of silent and subversive choreography. The work dwelt with one issue that was central to the medium to explore its full utopian significance. The singular and the intimate are pulled together to a common time scale.

Dominique Gonzalez Foerster’s work was the “Ipanema theories”. Her mediums are films and photography. Her subject is city. Her research is through her sharp outlook on architecture and the people that inhabit those spaces. Ice skating in Central park” by Marcus Kreiss is a depiction of portraits and landscapes of urban scenes through animated pictures. These scenes drew very slow figures of skaters, with stretched temporalities and non-naturalistic color treatments, often saturated or with very low contrast. Jacques Juliaen’s work was the “Snowball”. He is primarily an animated film-maker. The film itself became playground to parody animated films, videos, commercials and comics of all kinds. Jacques played with deformation and shaping. As a sculptor, he sculpted his snowball in a different medium.

The motive of the show was to build up an abstract story from multiple sequences. Here the viewers were invited to reconstruct every story, through the video-tic images. Films and videos are a playground of ideas’ representations; they are an open forum to share experiences of senses. The show “Video Galaxy” is an exact place where the consciousness of understanding, the untold stories come actively in to the mind.

Copyright © Oiendrila Moitra 2013. All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without written consent from the author.

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