A goan rendez-vous

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On the occasion of an inauguration of the Alliance Francaise de Panjim, a photography exhibition was held at our new premises : A Goan Rendez-Vous by Nolan Mascarenhas. We had an opportunity to know more about Nolan Mascarenhas and to discover his work.

How did you start with photography? I started my tryst with photography by chance when I was 9 years old. My aunt from the US came down for a holiday and gifted me a Disposable camera with which I kept clicking away. Once the film roll was developed, my love for the art blossomed and my quest to learn more began.

Nolan Mascarenhas

Do you have any favorite photographers? I am an avid user and lover of Black & White photography. Ansel Adams is my top favourite. Steve McCurry too.

What is the message you try to convey through your images?
The message is simplicity and non-adulteration (originality). I have never learnt the art of technical tools to enhance my photographs. What I click is what the actual image appears as. I have been tutored through film and not digital, way back when I started. Capturing the moment before it is lost is what I aim to achieve in every shot. A race against time as you may call it.

Your images have been published in The National Geographic. What advice do you have for aspiring amateur photographers?
Never give up. In today’s modern age of technology, every person with a fancy camera is a semi-professional photographer. That disillusions the real ones from the crowd to understand the time and skill involved in capturing every moment artistically. Know what domain you wish to focus on; be it Fashion or Wedding or Journalism and follow your passion with a vengeance. The rewards will be displayed for all to see.

What are your projects ?
I am currently working on a project in Goa documenting the cultural heritage of the place before it is lost. A Goan Rendez-vous is a small peep into the Old world charm of Goa and how it is currently losing its cultural heritage. A coffee-table book is in the works that is slated to be released at the end of the year. That is my prime project for 2013.
I am also working on a documentary in Rome (Vatican) which should be out by mid 2014.

Nolan Mascarenhas

The exhibition will be on display till 15th June 2013 at Alliance Francaise de Panjim.

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