Let’s Jazz it up with Erik Truffaz!

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World-renowned jazz artist Erik Truffaz comes to India once again in November. Along with his band, he will be touring Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Goa, extending the exuberant reach of jazz music.

India is not new to the tunes of Jazz music. Previously, several festivals and concerts have been organised in India like the ones in Goa and Mumbai which give the Indian fans a chance to revel with their favourite Jazz artists. One such eminent musician is Erik Truffaz.

Erik Truffaz

Erik Truffaz

Erik Truffaz is an international jazz-trumpeter who has released more than 17 critically acclaimed albums. He is known to blend elements of hip-hop, rock and roll and dance music. Across a twenty-year recording career, this Swiss-born trumpeter has explored jazz, rock, electronica, dance and ambient musics. Truffaz first garnered international recognition after the release of his second album with Blue Notes Records, The Dawn, produced together with Patrick Muller, Marcello Giuliani and Mark Erbetta. This was the time when the Erik Truffaz Quartet band was formed with the same members, Patrick Muller, as the keyboardist, bassist Marcello Giuliani and drummer Marc Erbetta. Since then they have produced many Blue Note albums together such as Bending New Corners, which became a Silver Album in France.

This time, the audience will have the chance to attend his concert in two exceptionally original places :  the recently established Bluefrog in Pune and a heritage theater in Mumbai. Thus, this concert will take place in the hundred year old Edward Theatre in South Mumbai. This is therefore a much awaited concert that will definitely be a magical experience.

Erik Truffaz 4tet

Erik Truffaz quartet

This tour is being organized by the Swiss Arts Council – Pro Helvetia and Gatecrash, which is an independent music company based in Mumbai with an aim of pushing the boundaries of bringing arts, culture, history and communities together around the world. Emmanuelle de Decker, the main organizer of Gatecrash believes that the Indian audience is very receptive to Western music and specially appreciates the vibrancy of jazz music. Indians, according to her, are getting more and more curious about the different genres in music that the Western world has to offer. The primary objective of the organizers is to acquaint the Indian audience with contemporary European music.

Truffaz has come to India thrice before and yet this time around, his music concerts will have a multitude of novelties to offer. For the first time he will be arriving with his own band, Erik Truffaz Quartet and the band will be playing their very own jazz music. The band will be touring major cities in India and enthralling audiences. Apart from Mumbai, they will be going to Pune (BlueFrog Ampitheatre, November 29th), Bangalore (Counter Culture, November 30th) and Goa (International Jazz Live festival, December 1st).
Get ready to jazz it up !

 – Manas Paradkar





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