Humans Rights on Reel

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Solaris Pictures brings to us the third edition of Flashpoint, a film festival bringing together films and documentaries dealing with burning issues of human rights and their deplorable violations, the appalling atrocities meted out to the oppressed and the indefatigable spirit of the victims with their incredible stories of survival against all odds. Film screenings and panel discussions to stimulate an exchange of knowledge and experience will take place at the Alliance Française de Bombay between 12 and 14 December 2013, where a repertoire of 13 films on human rights will be screened.

2nd edition of Flashpoint

2nd edition of Flashpoint in2012

Being the only human rights film festival in India today, Flashpoint brings together Indian and international films that deal with challenging subjects at macro as well as micro levels, from global to indigenous issues. This festival is being organized by Solaris Pictures with ACEE – The Third Eye as Co-organizers. Alliance Française de Bombay and Movies That Matter  from the Netherlands, are the principal partners. Other than that, this festival has also been supported by the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival.
By way of these film screenings, issues like religious intolerance, oppression under military establishments, child prostitution and human trafficking, homosexuality & gay rights, brazen flouting of  international norms, violence against women, mistaken incarcerations, forced refugee evacuations, honour killings, etc., will be focused on, making us acknowledge the harsh realities that exist beyond our myopic field of vision or knowledge.
For example, film director Kim Longinotto’s film Salma, deals with the freedom of human rights. What happens when it’s unexpectedly snatched away? Another film, One Day After Peace, directed by Miri Laufer captures the gloomy tale of a Israeli mother’s emotional reconciliation with a Palestinian sniper who killed her son in an ambush.
While the first edition of this festival in 2010 saw a turnout of 1820, the second edition in 2011 had a seat occupancy of 2060. The festival has also been well attended and endorsed by esteemed filmmakers, critics, academics as well as activists, who play a vital role for protection of human rights and dignity.
Flashpoint thus becomes instrumental to gather the broken pieces, which have been disregarded for so long, as well as to build a momentum towards a positive change in the global scenario, especially in the context of fundamental human rights. These films will most certainly compel us to think and re-evaluate our own existence and perhaps propel us to be the powerhouse for change. Which other better medium than cinema to inspire this change?

More info about selection and time-schedule :

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Directeur de publication : Délégation Générale de la Fondation Alliance Française en Inde et au Népal

Rédacteur en chef : Laurent Elisio Bordier

Rédacteur/Coordinateur national : Siddharth Bhatt

Rédacteurs, contributeurs : Guillaume, Abhirami, Alexandre, Chintan, Cléa, David, Eleonore, Elie, Kanika, Karine, Nita, Thomas, Malvika, Marie-Joëlle, Meera, Mayuri, Mitushi, Alice, Prutha, Romain, Ritika, Manas, Supriya ...